Wiley Participates in ‘Research Scholar day’ at IIT Hyderabad on 7th February


Wiley Participated in ‘Research Scholar day’ at IIT HYDERABAD ON 7th February at IIT Hyderabad campus. The participants were research scholars from various departments of the college.


Inaugural address was given by IIT Hyderabad’s Director. Prof. H. S. Jamadagni from IISC Bangalore (Electrical Engineering Department) and Prof. A. K. Suresh (IIT Bombay, Chemical Engineering Department) delivered the Chief Guest and Special Guest addresses, respectively. There was panel discussion on the topic “Lab to Industry –Current Perspective”, which gave many insights about the current perspectives of research in lab and industry.


Through a stall presence, Wiley showcased our IT and Finance & Accounting courses, which were extremely popular amongst attendees. 


We also presented our books on various titles, which were distributed as a token of appreciation to our research scholars who actively participated in the oral and poster presentation competition.



Research Scholar day 1


Research Scholar day 2


Research Scholar day 3