Indian Institute of Technology Madras is having access to 205 Online books via Wiley Online Library

WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY is one of the world’s most extensive multidisciplinary collections of online resource with over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 18,000 books, and hundreds of multi-volume reference works, laboratory protocols and databases.

Please find below the list of 205 Wiley Online Books accessible to Indian Institute of Technology Madras via Wiley Online Library, classified into subject categories

Subject Type Title (Search within this list below by typing your keywords in above box)
Analytical ChemistryOnline BookCavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
Analytical ChemistryOnline BookA Practical Guide to Scientific Data Analysis
AnthropologyOnline BookA Companion to the Anthropology of Religion
AnthropologyOnline BookA Handbook of Practicing Anthropology
BiochemistryOnline BookExpression and Analysis of Recombinant Ion Channels - From Structural Studies to Pharmacological Screening
Biomedical EngineeringOnline BookDoppler Radar Physiological Sensing
Biomedical EngineeringOnline BookDrug-device Combinations for Chronic Diseases
Biomedical EngineeringOnline BookBiomedical Signal Analysis: A Case-Study Approach, Second Editon
Biomedical EngineeringOnline BookBiomedical Image Analysis Recipes in MATLAB® - For Life Scientists and Engineers
CatalysisOnline BookRedox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications
CatalysisOnline BookHazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety (Online Version)
Cell & Molecular BiologyOnline BookTumor Microenvironment
Chemical EngineeringOnline BookRisk and Safety Analysis of Nuclear Systems
Chemical EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Loss Prevention Engineering
Chemical EngineeringOnline BookDistillation Control: An Engineering Perspective
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookConstructing Futures: Industry Leaders and Futures Thinking in Construction
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookModeling and Dimensioning of Structures:An Introduction
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookMulti-storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookWind Effects on Cable-Supported Bridges
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookInternational Construction
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookExtended Finite Element Method - For Fracture Analysis of Structures
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookTheory of Structures - Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookTransport and Coherent Structures in Wall Turbulence
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookGlobal Engineering and Construction
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookDesign of Plated Structures - Eurocode 3: Designof Steel Structures. Part 1-5 Design of Plated Structures
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookDesign of Buildings for Wind, Second Edition: A Guide for ASCE 7-10 Standard Users and Designers of Special Structures
Civil Engineering & ConstructionOnline BookHealth, Safety and Environmental Management in Offshore and Petroleum Engineering
Computer ScienceOnline BookComputer Architecture
DentistryOnline BookBiomimetics: Advancing Nanobiomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Earth SciencesOnline BookOffshore and Coastal Modelling
Earth SciencesOnline BookCoal Geology 2e
EcologyOnline BookStream and Watershed Restoration - a Guide to Restoring Riverine Processes and Habitats
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookQOS-Enabled Networks - Tools and Foundations, 2e
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookMultimedia Networks - Protocols, Design and Applications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Aperture Antennas and Arrays - From Theory to Design, Fabrication and Testing
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookMultimedia Quality of Experience (QoE) - Current Status and Future Requirements
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookChipless RFID Sensors
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLTE Signaling, Troubleshooting and Performance Measurement - 2e
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookModeling and Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookAntenna Designs for NFC Devices
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookNew Techniques in Digital Holography
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookColour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems - Photography, Television, Cinematography
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookM2M Communications - A Systems Approach
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAEand 4G Mobile Communications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookGigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookElectromagnetic Computation Methods for Lightning Surge Protection Studies
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookThe LTE/SAE Deployment Handbook
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookVoice over LTE - VoLTE
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookMastering System Identification in 100 Exercises
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookRadio Protocols for LTE and LTE-Advanced
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Optical Cavity Dynamics - From Microresonators to Fiber Lasers
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLTE Small Cell Optimization - 3GPP Evolution to Release 13
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookBoolean Circuit Rewiring: Bridging Logical and Physical Designs
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookEssentials of Non-Linear Optics
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookThree-dimensional Separated Flows Topology / Singular Points, Beam Splitters and Vortex Structures
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline Book3DTV - Processing and Transmission of 3D Video Signals
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLTE-advanced DRX Mechanism for Power Saving
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookFiber Optic Communications - Fundamentals and Applications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookMan-Machine Dialogue: Design and Challenges
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookParallel Scientific Computing
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookVoice over LTE: EPS and IMS Networks
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLTE-Advanced and Next Generation Wireless Networks- Channel Modelling and Propagation
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookFoundations of Fuzzy Control - A Practical Approach, Second Edition
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Dynamic-System Simulation: Model Replication and Monte Carlo Studies, Second Edition
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookReverberation Chambers - Applications in Antennaand EMC Measurements
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookMetaheuristics for Air Traffic Management
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookShort-Range Optical Wireless Theory and Applications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookNamed Entities for Computational Linguistics
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookThe LTE-Advanced Deployment Handbook - The Planning Guidelines for the Fourth Generation Networks
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookDiscrete Wavelet Transform: A Signal Processing Approach
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Lights and Lasers
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookUltra-wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar and Imaging
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookULSI Semiconductor Technology Atlas
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLasers Second Edition
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookConstraint Networks: Targeting Simplicity for Techniques and Algorithms
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLTE - The UMTS Long Term Evolution - From Theoryto Practice 2e
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookAcoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookLine Loss Analysis and Calculation of Electric Power Systems
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookArchitectures for Computer Vision: From Algorithmto Chip with Verilog
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookOptimization of Computer Networks - Modeling and Algorithms - A Hands-On Approach
EnergyOnline BookOffshore Wind Energy Generation - Control, Protection, and Integration to Electrical Systems
EnergyOnline BookElectricity from Wave and Tide - An Introductionto Marine Energy
EnergyOnline BookAdvances in Bioenergy - The Sustainability Challenge
EnergyOnline BookWind Resource Assessment: A Practical Guide to Developing a Wind Project
EnergyOnline BookThermochemical Conversion of Biomass for the Production of Energy and Chemicals
EnergyOnline BookMarine Chemical Monitoring
Environmental StudiesOnline BookNanoscience and Nanotechnology: Environmental and Health Impacts
Environmental StudiesOnline BookAerosol Sampling - Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications
Finance & InvestmentsOnline BookReverse Mortgages and Linked Securities: The Complete Guide to Risk, Pricing, and Regulation
Finance & InvestmentsOnline BookMarket Players - A Guide to the Institutions in Today's Financial Markets
Food Science & TechnologyOnline BookFood Processing Handbook 2e
General & Introductory Medical ScienceOnline BookPrinciples of Health Care Ethics 2e
General ComputingOnline BookService Quality of Cloud-Based Applications
General ComputingOnline BookCloud Computing Principles and Paradigms
GeneticsOnline BookA Cell Biologist's Guide to Modeling and Bioinformatics
Industrial ChemistryOnline BookHandbook of Fluorescent Dyes and Probes
Industrial ChemistryOnline BookHigh Energy Materials Pyrotechnics
Inorganic ChemistryOnline BookModern Rhodium-Catalyzed Organic Reactions
LiteratureOnline BookAfter Globalization
Materials ScienceOnline BookCharacterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookCrystal Plasticity Finite Element Methods - in Materials Science and Engineering
Materials ScienceOnline BookPrinciples of Polymerization, Fourth Edition
Materials ScienceOnline BookSensors Applications - Sensors in Medicine and Health Care V3
Materials ScienceOnline BookRare Metal Technology 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookShape Memory Alloy Actuators - Design, Fabrication, and Experimental evaluation
Materials ScienceOnline Book7th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Materials ScienceOnline BookREWAS 2016 (CD)
Materials ScienceOnline BookEnergy Technology 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookCFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing
Materials ScienceOnline BookMagnesium Technology 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookShape Casting: 6th International Symposium 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookEPD Congress 2016
Materials ScienceOnline BookTMS 2016 Supplemental Proceedings
Materials ScienceOnline BookPolymer Composites with Carbonaceous Nanofillers- Properties and Applications
Materials ScienceOnline BookMechanical Properties of Solid Polymers 3e
Materials ScienceOnline BookBiaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals - Theory, Simulation and Experiment
Materials ScienceOnline BookMicrowave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology
Materials ScienceOnline BookComputational Chemistry of Solid State Materials - A Guide for Materials Scientists, Chemists, Physicists and Others
Materials ScienceOnline BookPhysics of Functional Materials
Materials ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Soft Matter - Synthetic and Biological Self-Assembling Materials Revised
Materials ScienceOnline BookMolecular Electronics - From Principles to Practice
Materials ScienceOnline BookFatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Materials ScienceOnline BookContinuum Theory and Modelling of Thermoelectric Elements
Materials ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Inkjet Printing The Science of Inkjet and Droplets
Materials ScienceOnline BookResistive Switching - From Fundamentals of Nanoionic Redox Processes to Memristive Device Applications
Materials ScienceOnline BookSuperconductivity - An Introduction 3e
Materials ScienceOnline BookSurface and Interface Science - Solid-Gas Interfaces I V5
Materials ScienceOnline BookSurface and Interface Science - Solid-Solid Interfaces and Thin Films V4
Materials ScienceOnline BookSurface and Interface Science - Volume 1 - Concepts and Methods
Materials ScienceOnline BookSurface and Interface Science - Volume 2 - Properties of Elemental Surfaces
Materials ScienceOnline BookSurface and Interface Science - Volume 3 - Properties of Composite Surfaces - Alloys, Compounds, Semiconductors
Materials ScienceOnline BookGlasses and the Glass Transition
Materials ScienceOnline BookGreen Corrosion Chemistry and Engineering - Opportunities and Challenges With a Foreword by Nabuk Okon Eddy
Materials ScienceOnline BookEngineered Ceramics: Current Status and Future Prospects
Materials ScienceOnline BookUltra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications
Materials ScienceOnline BookWelding Metallurgy and Weldability
Materials ScienceOnline BookPhotocatalysis and Water Purification From Fundamentals to Recent Applications
MathematicsOnline BookQuantum Dynamics for Classical Systems: With Applications of the Number Operator
MathematicsOnline BookConstraint Satisfaction Problems: CSP Formalisms and Techniques
MathematicsOnline BookNumerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
MathematicsOnline BookDifferential and Integral Calculus, Volume 1 2e
MathematicsOnline BookDifferential and Integral Calculus, Volume 2
MathematicsOnline BookNonlinear Programming: Theory and Algorithms, Third Edition
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookDrying Phenomena - Theory and Applications
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookThermohydrodynamic Instability in Fluid-Film Bearings
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookGas Turbine Propulsion Systems
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookTransport Phenomena in Microfluidic Systems
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookStirling Cycle Engines - Inner Workings and Design
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookOptical Payloads for Space Missions
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookVehicular Networks: Models and Algorithms
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookGuide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookIncompressible Flow, Fourth Edition
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookLaser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Composite Materials for Automotive Applications - Structural Integrity and Crashworthiness
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookNon-local Structural Mechanics
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookComputational Intelligence - Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookGalilean Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continua
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookModeling and Estimation of Structural Damage
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookAdaptive Aeroservoelastic Control
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookThe Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics by Example
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookElasticity in Engineering Mechanics, Third Edition
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookConvective Heat Transfer
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookWelding Engineering - An Introduction
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookModeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows
NanotechnologyOnline BookSelf-Cleaning Materials and Surfaces - A Nanotechnology Approach
NanotechnologyOnline BookThermoelectric Bi2Te3 Nanomaterials
NanotechnologyOnline BookNanocarbons for Advanced Energy Conversion
NanotechnologyOnline BookNanocarbons for Advanced Energy Conversion
NanotechnologyOnline BookSoft Matter Nanotechnology - From Structure to Function
NanotechnologyOnline BookPerovskites and Related Mixed Oxides - Conceptsand Applications
NanotechnologyOnline BookNanomaterials for Environmental Protection
NanotechnologyOnline BookNanomaterials, Polymers and Devices: Materials Functionalization and Device Fabrication
NanotechnologyOnline BookPhysics of Magnetic Nanostructures
Organic ChemistryOnline BookThe Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals, Sixth Edition
Organic ChemistryOnline BookBioorganometallic Chemistry - Applications in Drug Discovery, Biocatalysis and Imaging
Organic ChemistryOnline BookCis-trans Isomerization in Biochemistry
Organic ChemistryOnline BookOrganic Synthesis Using Transition Metals 2e
Pharmaceutical & Medicinal ChemistryOnline BookAggregation of Therapeutic Proteins
PhilosophyOnline BookLocke
Physical ChemistryOnline BookBeyond Born-Oppenheimer: Conical Intersections and Electronic non-Adiabatic Coupling Terms
Physical ChemistryOnline BookHandbook of Hydrogen Storage - New Materials for Future Energy Storage
Physical ChemistryOnline BookThermodynamics and Introductory Statistical Mechanics
Physical ChemistryOnline BookMagnetism: Molecules to Materials IV
PhysicsOnline BookIntroduction to Nonlinear Oscillations
PhysicsOnline BookRotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes
PhysicsOnline BookRarefied Gas Dynamics - Fundamentals for Researchand Practice
PhysicsOnline BookMethods of Mathematical Physics V 1
PhysicsOnline BookMethods of Mathematical Physics V 2
PhysicsOnline BookQuantum Mechanics II - A Second Course in Quantum Theory
PhysicsOnline BookIntroduction to Elementary Particles
PhysicsOnline BookComputational Physics - Problem Solving with Computers
PhysicsOnline BookThe Physics of Vibrations and Waves 6e
PhysicsOnline BookDoing Physics with Scientific Notebook - A Problem-solving Approach
PhysicsOnline BookPrinciples of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
PhysicsOnline BookDeterministic Chaos - An Introduction 4e
PhysicsOnline BookClassical Mechanics - From Newton to Einstein - A Modern Introduction 2e
StatisticsOnline BookProbability and Random Processes
StatisticsOnline BookIntroduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes with Applications
StatisticsOnline BookDirectional Statistics
StatisticsOnline BookDifference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory
StatisticsOnline BookRisk Analysis - Assessing Uncertainties Beyond Expected Values and Probabilities
StatisticsOnline BookApplied Linear Regression, Third Edition
StatisticsOnline BookUsing the Weibull Distribution: Reliability, Modeling, and Inference
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookInvertebrate Medicine, 2nd Edition

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