A Course in Modern Algebra

Author : Hilton, Wu
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ISBN 13 : 9788126546961
ISBN 10 : 8126546964
Pages : 264
Type : Paperbound
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Hilton and Wu's unique approach brings the reader from the elements of linear algebra past the frontier of homological algebra. They describe a number of different algebraic domains, then emphasize the similarities and differences between them, employing the terminology of categories and functors. Exposition begins with set theory and group theory and continues with coverage categories, functors, natural transformations and duality, and closes with discussion of the two most fundamental derived functors of homological algebra, Ext and Tor.

•    Groups.
•    Cosets, Lagrange's Theorem and Normal Subgroups.
•    Direct and Free Products.
•    Abelian Groups.
•    Special Features of Commutative Groups.
•    Exact Sequences of Abelian Groups.
•    Categories and Functors.
•    Natural Transformations.
•    Duality Principle.
•    Adjoint Functors.
•    Modules.
•    Rings.
•    The Functor Hom.
•    Integral Domains.
•    Semi-Simple Rings.
•    The Morita Theorem.
•    The Functors Ext and Tor.
•    List of Symbols.
•    Bibliography.
•    Index.