MD's Message

Vikas Gupta, Wiley India


Vikas Gupta, the Wiley India Managing Director (MD) is a believer of innovation. His favourite quote says it all: “If you have to fight an elephant and you are the mouse in the room, then you need to remember that you are agile, and the elephant is not.”


Wiley India MD Vikas Gupta has been driving the company with a clear vision. In the current climate of rapid digitization, Vikas Gupta advocates adopting business innovation instead of fighting it to stay ahead of the curve. He firmly believes that is the essential component in keeping the passion alive, and in building a culture of innovation throughout the organization.


Vikas Gupta, Wiley India MD’s message to all avid book lovers and the country’s publishing sector:

“The role of publishing is dramatically evolving. Traditionally, publishers would acquire content, publish it, and market and distribute it. But in the present scenario, when employability of graduates is low due to lack of industry-ready skill sets, the publisher must now play a key role in bridging the gap between college graduates and job-ready professionals.


Essentially, this involves bringing together academia, industry, technology and content to facilitate an ecosystem of skill development and industry-relevant job readiness and career progression. Online and interactive programs such Purdue NExT – made available in India through collaboration between a university (Purdue University, USA) and Wiley India, which combine videos, real-world simulations and assessments, are the need of the hour.


In the age of Google-ized content, what will set us apart is the quality of our authors and written material. Digitization is the inevitable future of publishing and I would urge all publishers to embrace it and utilize its flexibility to reach a wider audience. Wiley India is already working with Amazon and has launched key titles on Kindle. We are now working to make our digital books available at India-specific pricing. The goal is to make Wiley India’s books available on multiple platforms for easy accessibility, and we plan to accomplish this through tie-ups with telecom companies, and value-added service providers. We also intend to reduce the time lag between books published in the US and their availability in India. Being Wiley India’s MD, I have also initiated the plan to make larger number of books available only on digital platforms in the future to expand our online portfolio.


The New Delhi World Books Fair that was held in January this year, is a fantastic event that invites participation from patrons all over India and abroad. Wiley India has been a part of the book fair for many years now, and besides showcasing our titles, we conduct many interesting and engaging activities at our booth.  This year, we extensively showcased our Test Prep & Certification portfolio.


Taking a leap forward, let’s remember that content is always king. Good content will find takers irrespective of the publishing medium.



Yours Sincerely,
Vikas Gupta
MD, Wiley India