After Effects CS6 in Simple Steps

Author : Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.
Price : Rs 299.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350047705
ISBN 10 : 9350047705
Pages : 288
Type : Paperbound



This book provides an in-depth and systematic introduction to the latest iteration of After Effects. This book explains the key concepts of video graphics and enables you to learn and master the skills required to create engaging motion graphics using After Effects CS6. It also covers a thorough introduction to the new and improved features in After Effects CS6, such as global performance cache, Three-Dimensional (3D) camera tracker, ray-traced 3D renderer, new bevel and extrudes properties and material options, mask Feather Tool, and layer bounding box and selection indicators.

•    Chapter 1 Getting Started with After Effects CS6
•    Chapter 2 Working with Footage
•    Chapter 3 Working with Layers
•    Chapter 4 Drawing and Painting
•    Chapter 5 Working with Animation
•    Chapter 6 Working with Text
•    Chapter 7 Working with Masks, Track Mattes and Chroma Keys
•    Chapter 8 Working with Effects, Presets and Audio
•    Chapter 9 Rendering and Exporting

After Effects CS6 in Simple Steps  is for anyone who want to learn After Effects