Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

Author : Peter L. Bernstein
ISBN 13 : 9788126535163
ISBN 10 : 8126535164
Pages : 400
Type : Paperbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Shroff Publishers & Distributors

Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk


Publication of Against the Gods brings Wiley an exciting new book about understanding risk. No other book exists that provides an accessible understanding of Risk while drawing upon history and biography to trace the development of its concepts. Most other books are heavily technical and mathematically oriented.

TO 1200: BEGINNINGS. · The Winds of the Greeks and the Role of the Dice. · As Easy As I, II, III. 1200-1700: A THOUSAND OUTSTANDING FACTS. · The Renaissance Gambler. · The French Connection. · The Remarkable Notions of the Remarkable Notions Man. 1700-1900: MEASUREMENT UNLIMITED. · Considering the Nature of Man. · The Search for Moral Certainty. · The Supreme Law of Unreason. · The Man with the Sprained Brain. · Peapods and Perils. · The Fabric of Felicity. 1900-1960: CLOUDS OF VAGUENESS AND THE DEMAND FOR PRECISION. · The Measure of Our Ignorance. · The Radically Distinct Notion. · The Man Who Counted Everything Except Calories. · The Strange Case of the Anonymous Stockbroker. DEGREES OF BELIEF: EXPLORING UNCERTAINTY. · The Failure of Invariance. · The Theory Police. · The Fantastic System of Side Bets. · Awaiting The Wildness. Notes. Bibliography. Indexes

This book will be of interest to all Decision Makers, especially those interested in the history and thought behind decision making, Risk Takers of all kinds--Investors, Gamblers, Forecasters--will find special relevance. Students and Teachers of Finance, Economics, Statistics and Psychology may also find particular significance in the subject matter.

Peter L. Bernstein is President of Peter L. Bernstein, Inc., economic consultants to institutional advisors and corporations. His semimonthly analysis of the capital markets and the real economy, Economics and Portfolio Strategy, is read by managers and owners of investments totaling over one trillion dollars. Mr. Bernstein is the author of many articles in the professional and popular press, as well as six books in economics and finance, including the bestselling Capital Ideas: The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street. He is the coeditor of Investment Management (Wiley), and was the first editor of The Journal of Portfolio Management.