Analysis of Faulted Power Systems, w/cd

Author : Paul M. Anderson
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ISBN 10 : 8126546638
Pages : 536
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This classic text offers you the key to understanding short circuits, open conductors and other problems relating to electric power systems that are subject to unbalanced conditions. Using the method of symmetrical components, acknowledged expert Paul M. Anderson provides comprehensive guidance for both finding solutions for faulted power systems and maintaining protective system applications. You'll learn to solve advanced problems, while gaining a thorough background in elementary configurations.

·    List of Symbols.
·    General Considerations.
·    Symmetrical Components.
·    Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults: Three-Component Method.
·    Sequence Impedance of Transmission Lines.
·    Sequence Capacitance of Transmission Lines.
·    Sequence Impedance of Machines.
·    Sequence Impedance of Transformers.
·    Changes in Symmetry.
·    Simultaneous Faults.
·    Analytical Simplications.
·    Computer Solution Methods Using the Admittance Matrix.
·    Computer Solution Methods Using the Impedance Matrix.
·    Appendix A: Matrix Algebra.
·    Appendix B: Line Impedance Tables.
·    Appendix C: Trigonometric Identities for Three-Phase Systems.
·    Appendix D: Self Inductance of a Straight Finite Cylindrical Wire.
·    Appendix E: Solved Examples.
·    Appendix F: Delta-Y Transformations.
·    Bibliography.
·    Index.