iOS Programming with Swift for Dummies

Author : Jesse Feiler
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126554898
ISBN 10 : 8126554894
Pages : 388
Type : Paperbound

IOS Programmingwith Swift for Dummies


Swift for Dummies shows new and existing programmers how to quickly port existing Objective-C applications into Swift and get into the swing of the new language like a pro. Designed from the ground up to be a simpler programming language, it's never been easier to get started creating apps for the iPhone or iPad, or applications for Mac OS X.

Primary: Beginning to intermediate programmers interested in developing for Apple computers or devices.

Secondary: Existing iOS developers who need to switch to Swift development.

Jesse Feiler is a developer, web designer, trainer and author. He has worked with mobile devices starting with Apple's Newton and continuing with the iOS products (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). He is heard regularly on WAMC Public Radio for the Northeast's The Roundtable. He is a member of the City of Plattsburgh Planning Board and the Saranac River Trail Advisory Committee.