Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C, 2ed

Author : Bruce Schneier
Price : Rs 769.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126513680
ISBN 10 : 8126513683
Pages : 784
Type : Paperbound

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C, 2ed


This new edition of the cryptography classic provides you with a comprehensive survey of modern cryptography. The book details how programmers and electronic communications professionals can use cryptography-the technique of enciphering and deciphering messages-to maintain the privacy of computer data. It describes dozens of cryptography algorithms, gives practical advice on how to implement them into cryptographic software, and shows how they can be used to solve security problems.

·    Cryptographic Protocols
·    Cryptographic Techniques
·    Cryptographic Algorithms
·    The Real World
·    Source Code

Part I Cryptographic Protocols
·    Protocol Building Blocks
·    Basic Protocols
·    Intermediate Protocols
·    Advanced Protocols
·    Esoteric Protocols

Part II Cryptographic Techniques
·    Key Length
·    Key Management
·    Algorithm Types and Modes
·    Using Algorithms

Part III Cryptographic Algorithms
·    Data Encryption Standard (DES)
·    Other Block Ciphers
·    Other Stream Ciphers and Real Random-Sequence Generators
·    Public-Key Algorithms
·    Special Algorithms for Protocols

Part IV The Real World
·    Example Implementations
·    Politics

Part V Source Code


Bruce Schneier is President of Counter-pane Systems, a consulting firm specializing in cryptography and computer security. He is a contributing editor to Dr. Dobb's Journal, serves on the board of directors of the International Association of Cryptologic Research, and is a member of the Advisory Board for the Electronic Privacy Information Center. He is the author of E-Mail Security (Wiley) and is a frequent lecturer on cryptography, computer security, and privacy.