Automotive Lubricants Reference Book, 2ed

Author : Roger F. Haycock, John E. Hillier
Price : Rs 3,595.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126545841
ISBN 10 : 8126545844
Pages : 760
Type : Hardbound
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Introduction and Fundamentals

Constituents of Modern Lubricants

Crankcase Oil Testing

Crankcase Oil Quality Levels and Formulations

Practical Experiences with Lubricant Problems

Performance Levels, Classification, Specification and Approval of Engine Lubricants.

Other Lubricants for Road Vehicles

Other Specialized Oils of Interest

Blending, Storage, Purchase and Use

Safety Health and the Environment

The Future.



Roger Haycock spent more than 35 years working for the Exxon group. For the past 5 years, he has been an independent consultant on fuel and lubricant topics. He is also an active representative of the European petroleum additives industry.

John Hillier spent more than 30 years working for British Petroleum at the BP Research Center. In addition to lecturing, he provides advice on specialist fuel and lubricant evaluations for oil industry clients and resolves lubricant-related issues in support of new engine technologies.