Bacterial Diseases of Fish

Author : Valerie Inglis, Ronald J. Roberts, Niall R. Bromage
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Pages : 336
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Bacterial Diseases of Fish


Bacterial diseases are among the most important causes of losses among fish stocks. A full understanding of the aetiological agent, the pathogenesis, biochemistry, antigenicity, epizootiology and the inter-relationship of stress-related and environmental factors is essential for successful management and control. This book, which has been written as a standard text for students of aquaculture, veterinarians and microbiologists, brings these aspects together and reflects current international practices and incidence.

Part 1: Cytophagaceae: Bacterial cold water disease;

Columnaris disease;

Bacterial gill disease: fin rot;

Part 2: Enterobacteriaceae:

Edwardsiella septicaemia;

Enteric redmouth (ERM): Proteus and serratia infections;

Part 3: Vibrionaceae:: Vibriosis;


Motile aeromonad septicaemia;

Part 4: Pasteurellaceae: Pasteurellosis;

Part 5: Pseudomonadaceae: Pseudomonas: Alteromonas infections;

Part 6: Gram-positive Fish Pathogens: Bacterial kidney disease (BKD);

Streptococcal infections;.

Clostridial infections;.

Part 7: Acid-fast Fish Pathogens: Mycobacteriosis: nocardiosis;

Part 8: Rickettsias and Chlamydias: Epitheliocystis: salmonid rickettsial septicaemia;

Part 9: Practice of Fish Bacteriology: Isolation and identification of fish bacterial pathogens;

Public health aspects


Valerie Inglis

Ronald J. Roberts

Niall R. Bromage