Beginning Sharepoint 2013 Development

Author : Steve Fox, Chris Johnson, Donovan Follette
Price : Rs 599.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126541690
ISBN 10 : 8126541695
Pages : 456
Type : Paperbound

Beginning Sharepoint 2013 Development


SharePoint 2013 will be a major evolution for SharePoint and there are many things that a beginning SharePoint developer will need to know.  This update contains 100% new content, addressing the major path forward for the SharePoint platform and outlines in a practical way how a new SharePoint developer can get started with the platform and developing for the platform.


This book guides developers seeking to advance their knowledge so they can leverage OOB features programmatically and leverage the underlying SharePoint infrastructure to build custom solutions.

Part I: Getting Started with SharePoint 2013

Chapter 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2013

Chapter 2: Overview of the SharePoint 2013 App Model

Chapter 3: Developer Tooling for SharePoint 2013

Chapter 4: Understanding your Development Options

Chapter 5: Overview of Windows Azure for SharePoint

Part II: Fundamental SharePoint 2013 Development Building Blocks

Chapter 6: Developing, Integrating and Building Applications in SharePoint 2013

Chapter 7: Packaging and Deploying SharePoint 2013 Apps

Chapter 8: Distributing SharePoint 2013 Apps

Chapter 9: Overview of the Client-Side Object Model and Rest APIS

Chapter 10: Overview Of OAUTH in SharePoint 2013

Part III: Advanced Developer Topics in SharePoint 2013

Chapter 11: Developing Integrated Apps for Office and SharePoint Solutions

Chapter 12: Remote Event Receivers in SharePoint 2013

Chapter 13: Building Line-of-Business Solutions using Business Connectivity Services

Chapter 14: Developing Applications using Office Services

Chapter 15: Developing Workflow Applications for SharePoint 2013


This book is for NET and Web developers who are new to SharePoint

Steve Fox is a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft. He worked in the IT industry for over 15 years and has worked in the areas of natural language, search, developer tools and more recently Office Business Application and SharePoint development.


Donovan Follette has been a Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft since 2005. Prior to that, he was a Business Systems Manager, University Information Systems, at Washington State University Educational Institution for 18 years.


Chris Johnson is a General Manager at Provoke Solutions Seattle. Prior to that he worked for Microsoft for almost 10 years as a Senior Technical Product Manager in Redmond and a Senior Consultant at Microsoft New Zealand.