Bickerstaff's Neurological Examination in Clinical Practice, 7 adapted ed

Author : Kameshwar Prasad, Ravi Yadav, John Spillane
Price : Rs 699.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126538980
ISBN 10 : 8126538988
Type : Paperbound
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The book provides concise coverage of all the aspects of a neurological examination for a medical student and allied specialties for better understanding of the clinical localization. It will definitely make the learning of neurological examination ‘easy’.

Preface to the Sixth Edition

Part 1: The Introductory Stages
·    Approaching a neurological problem
·    Equipment
·    The history
·    First impressions
·    The general physical and mental examination

Part 2: The Cranial Nerves
·    The first cranial nerve: the olfactory nerve
·    The second cranial nerve: the optic nerve
·    The third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves: the oculomotor, trochlear and abducent nerves
·    The fifth cranial nerve: the trigeminal nerve
·    The seventh cranial nerve: the facial nerve
·    The eighth cranial nerve: the auditory nerve
·    The ninth and tenth cranial nerves: the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves
·    The eleventh cranial nerve: the accessory nerve
·    The twelfth cranial nerve: the hypoglossal nerve

Part 3: The Motor System
·    Muscle bulk
·    Muscle tone
·    Muscle power
·    Posture, stance, spinal movement and gait
·    Involuntary movements

Part 4: The Sensory System
·    Basic principles for examination of sensation
·    Pain, touch and temperature
·    The proprioceptive sensations
·    Stereognosis, discriminative sense and graphaesthesia
·    Common patterns of abnormal sensation

Part 5: The Motor-Sensory Links
·    The reflexes
·    Coordination

Part 6: Examinations of Particular Difficulty
·    The unconscious patient
·    Disorders of speech
·    Apraxia
·    Agnosia and disorders of the body image
·    The autonomic nervous system

Part 7: The Investigation of Neurological Problems (Excluding Neuroradiology and Imaging)
·    Towards a balanced attitude (some introductory observations)
·    General medical investigations
·    The cerebrospinal fluid
·    The clinical value of electroencephalography
·    Peripheral electrophysiology
·    Biopsy

Part 8: Localization of Lesions
·    Localization of lesions affecting various parts of the nervous system

Part 9: Appendices
·    Appendix A Checklist for history taking and neurological examination for undergraduates
·    Appendix B Recording the neurological examination
·    Appendix C Screening neurological examination
·    Appendix D A suggested scheme for the examination of higher cerebral function


Prof Kameshwar Prasad was awarded the ‘Best Medical Graduate of the year’ at Rajendra Medical College. His area of interest includes clinical neurology, Stroke, Evidence-Based Medicine, Clinical Trials, Meta-Analysis, Medical Education, & Clinical Epidemiology.

Dr Ravi Yadav is working as an associate professor in the department of neurology at the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences popularly called as NIMHANS at Bangalore. Following this he joined NIMHANS as a faculty in the department of Neurology.