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  1. 9788126559657

    Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science

    Big Data MBA brings insight and expertise to leveraging big data in business so you can harness the power of analytics and gain a true business advantage. Based on a practical framework with supporting methodology and hands-on exercises, this book helps identify where and how big data can help you transform your business. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 699.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126559657
  2. EMC Data Science Certification India

    Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing and Presenting Data

    Data Science & Big Data Analytics educates readers about what Big Data is and how to extract value from it. The book covers methods and technologies required to analyze structured and unstructured datasets, as more individuals and organizations build out their capabilities to analyze Big Data and draw insights from it. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 1,999.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126556533
  3. 9788126554645

    Big Data Analytics: Turning Big Data into Big Money

    Focusing on the business and financial value of big data analytics, respected technology journalist Frank J. Ohlhorst shares his insights on the newly emerging field of big data analytics in Big Data Analytics. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 695.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126554645
  4. 9788126554164 big data in healthcare

    Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry

    This book addresses the naysayers of the power of data by examining previous scenarios when data drastically changed an industry. In addition, it explains the value of certain aspects of BI and analytics and breakdown the trends that are here to stay, such as 'big data', cloud computing Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 799.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126554164
  5. 9788126553372 Machine Learning for Big Data

    Machine Learning for Big Data: Hands-on for Developers and Technical Professionals

    The book presents a breakdown of each variant of machine learning, how it works and how it is used within certain industries. Also covered are various algorithm types (supervised, unsupervised and so on) during training phases of machine learning. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 699.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126553372
  6. 9788126552146 BIG DATA BIG INNOVATION

    Big Data Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation through Business Analytics

    This book outlines how organizations can harness big data to drive innovation. It describes how big data enables two types of innovation: evolutionary (continuous improvement) and revolutionary (disruptive) and that it is impossible to task a single team with driving both. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 999.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126552146
  7. 9788126550913

    Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics

    This book provides a general description of soft computing techniques (e.g., analytics) implemented across different industries. It covers the three major issues facing the oil and gas industry in the exploration and production stages: (1) data management, (2) quantification of uncertainty and (3) risk assessment. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 1,299.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126550913
  8. 9788126550524

    Excel Data Analysis for Dummies, 2ed

    Excel Data Analysis for Dummies, 2nd Edition is the ultimate guide to getting the most out of your data. Veteran Dummies author Stephen L. Nelson guides you through the basic and not-so-basic features of Excel to help you discover the gems hidden in your rough data. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 499.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126550524
  9. 9788126550357

    Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysis

    This book is aimed squarely at business analysts and managers who find it increasingly necessary to become more efficient at working with large datasets traditionally reserved for IT professionals. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 599.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126550357
  10. 9788126548965

    Predictive Analytics for Dummies

    Predictive Analytics For Dummies will help the reader understand the core of predictive analytics and get them started quickly as possible with readily available tools to collect and analyze data, and then make predictions. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 549.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126548965

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