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  1. 9788126558162

    Growing Pains: Transitioning from An Entrepreneurship to A Professionally Managed Firm, 4ed

    This fourth edition of a consistent besteller is one of the few books to address an issue critical to growing companies--evolving from the entrepreneurial start-up phase to the full-fledged professionally-managed firm. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 999.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126558162
  2. 9788126555642

    Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management, 4ed

    This fourth edition prepares entrepreneurs for the rewards and pitfalls of this career choice. It explores a new theme throughout the chapters on how to effectively manage a start-up company. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 599.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126555642
  3. 9788126543779

    Business Models for Dummies

    Business Models for Dummies helps professionals write a solid business model to further define their company's goals and increase attractiveness to customers. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 399.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126543779
  4. 9788126544165

    Go Do!: For People Who Have Always Wanted to Start A Business

    Have you ever thought about starting up a business of your own? Chances are you have, but have yet to take the plunge. It feels like too much of a risk, you lack the capital, you don't have the experience.... All these worries conspire to hold you back. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126544165
  5. Building A Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love

    Building A Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love

    The information in Building A Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love is succinct, logical and straight-forward highlighting the overall message: Warren Buffett successfully invests in great businesses with strong fundamentals. These fundamentals can be replicated in a small business for superior results. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126539758

    Retail Business Kit for Dummies, w/cd

    Retail Business Kit For Dummies covers all the nuts and bolts of setting up shop - finding the perfect location, choosing and purchasing merchandise, and hiring employees. The book also furnishes information Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126515493
  7. 9788126512829

    Patterns of Entrepreneurship

    This book is designed to share real entrepreneurial business experience. It includes both long and short cases and a corresponding website. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 569.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126512829
  8. 9788126537358

    App Empire: Make Money, Have A Life and Let Technology Work for You

    Chad Mureta has made millions starting and running his own successful app business, and now he explains how you can do it, too, in this non-technical, easy-to-follow guide. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126537358
  9. The Everyday Entrepreneur

    The Everyday Entrepreneur

    Filled with strategies and powerful anecdotes about defining and setting goals and pushing for entrepreneurial success, The Everyday Entrepreneur reveals how readers can apply Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126537341
  10. Small Business, Big Vision

    Small Business, Big Vision

    The world of today's entrepreneur is far different from the business climates of past generations. As quickly as technology and the economy are changing, and as impactful as those changes are on our society, the ability to embrace and effectively integrate change has become more vital than being experienced. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126537891

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