Business Intelligence: Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making

Author : Carlo Vercellis
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ISBN 13 : 9788126541881
ISBN 10 : 8126541881
Pages : 440
Type : Paperbound

Business Intelligence: Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making


Business Intelligence provides coverage of a broad spectrum of topics currently dispersed throughout data mining and business books. In bringing these topics together for the first time the book provides readers with an introduction and practical guide to the mathematical models and analysis methodologies vital to business intelligence. Starting from a thorough description of decision support systems and data warehousing, the book then moves to a detailed presentation of methods for data mining and inductive learning data.

Components of the decision-making process.
•    Business intelligence.
•    Decision support systems.
•    Data warehousing.

Mathematical models and methods.
•    Mathematical models for decision making.
•    Data mining.
•    Data preparation.
•    Data exploration.
•    Regression.
•    Time series.
•    Classification.
•    Association rules.
•    Clustering.

Business intelligence applications.
•    Marketing models.
•    Logistic and production models.
•    Data envelopment analysis.

Business intelligence covers a broad category of important applications and technologies including the hot topics of data mining, classification and machine learning.

Carlo Vercellis - teaches courses in Operations Research and Business Intelligence, Professor Vercellis is director of the research group MOLD (Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Learning from Data).