Business Law for Managers

Author : P. K. Goel
Price : Rs 399.00
ISBN 13 : 9788177225358
ISBN 10 : 8177225359
Pages : 340
Type : Paperbound



This book teaches business law in a simple, lucid, and practical manner in tune with the interdisciplinary aspect of business practices as taught in management. The objective is to prepare knowledgeable managers rather than lawyers.

Laws relating to Contract, Sale of Goods, Negotiable Instruments and Consumer Protection.


Highlights of laws relating to Intellectual Property including Patents, Copyright and Trademark.


Highlights of some relevant economic laws like IT Act 2000; FEMA 1999; and Competition Act 2002.


Corporate laws include Company Law along with Corporate Governance.


Legal aspects relating to business - Partnerships, Alternative Dispute Redressal, Sexual Harassment, Right to Information and Environment Protection.


Relevant aspects of the Constitution of India concerning business.

With business law becoming even more relevant in the wake of liberalisation and globalisation in India, its study is now indispensable for management students as well as practicing professionals.

Prof. (Commodore) P.K. Goel has been teaching business and corporate law at IMT Ghaziabad for over 12 years. He retired as Judge Advocate General (Navy) in the rank of Commodore. He has also been Visiting Faculty at Staff College, Wellington and Logistic School apart from institutes of the Indian Navy for over three decades. He holds an M.Com, LLB and M.Phil from Agra, Bombay and Jawaharlal Nehru Universities respectively.