Business the Bill Gates Way: 10 Secrets of The World's Richest Business Leader

Author : Des Dearlolve
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ISBN 13 : 9788126512799
ISBN 10 : 8126512792
Type : Paperbound
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Bill Gates is a modern business phenomenon: the greatest of the cyber-tycoons. His is not simply a story of technical brilliance and enormous wealth; it is one of remarkable business vision and an obsessive desire to win. It is also about a leadership style that is radically different to anything the business world has seen before. How does he do it?

·    Bill Gates Revisited
·    The Life and Times of Bill Gates
·    Be in the Right Place at the Right Time
·    Fall in Love with the Technology
·    Take no Prisoners
·    Hire Very Smart People
·    Learn to Survive
·    Don't Expect any Thanks
·    Assume the Visionary Position
·    Cover all the Bases
·    Built a Byte-Sized Business
  ·       Never, Ever, Take Your Eyes off the Ball
  ·       How to Get Rich the Bill Gates Way
  ·       Last Word

·    Executives at all levels

·    Entrepreneurs

·    Dreamers

Des Dearlove is co-founder of the media content, concepts, and consulting firm, Suntop Media. He writes regularly for the London Times, the American Management Review, and Human Resources. He is the author of a number of books on management best practice, including The Ultimate Book of Business Thinking and Business the Richard Branson Way.