Introduction to Biophotonics

Author : Paras N. Prasad
ISBN 13 : 9788126560981
ISBN 10 : 8126560983
Pages : 612
Type : Paperbound
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Introduction to Biophotonics


Paras Prasad’s text provides a basic knowledge of a broad range of topics so that individuals in all disciplines can rapidly acquire the minimal necessary background for research and development in biophotonics. Introduction to Biophotonics serves as both a textbook for education and training as well as a reference book that aids research and development of those areas integrating light, photonics, and biological systems. Each chapter contains a topic introduction, a review of key data and description of future directions for technical innovation.



1. Introduction.

2. Fundamentals of Light and Matter.

3. Basics of Biology.

4. Fundamentals of Light-Matter Interactions.

5. Principles of Lasers, Current Laser Technology and Nonlinear Optics.

6. Photobiology.

7. Bioimaging: Principles and Techniques.

8. Bioimaging: Applications.

9. Optical Biosensors.

10. Microarray Technology for Genomics and Proteomics.

11. Flow Cytometry.

12. Light-Activated Therapy: Photodynamic Therapy.

13. Tissue Engineering with Light.

14. Laser Tweezers and Laser Scissors.

15. Nanotechnology for Biophotonics: Bionanophotonics.

16. Biomaterials for Photonics.


  • Covers the basic principles of optics, optical spectroscopy, and microscopy with applications to biochemistry, biology and health sciences.
  • Provides a text and guide for graduate students and researchers entering the field, including basic concepts and applications of biophotonics.


Paras N. Prasad is the SUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Medicine, the Samuel P. Capen Chair and the Executive Director of the Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics at the University of Buffalo.