Architecting the Cloud

Author : Michael J Kavis
Price : Rs 799.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126550333
ISBN 10 : 8126550333
Pages : 224
Type : Paperbound



Many companies are considering taking to the "cloud". However, before they can make this move, they need to determine what the correct cloud service model to follow is: (1) software as a service (SaaS), (2) platform as a service (PaaS), or (3) infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This book guides corporations through some key design considerations.  It discusses the pros and cons of each cloud service model and highlights major design considerations in areas such as security, data storage, monitoring, APIs and more.  It arms the reader with enough information to choose the right cloud service provider.  In addition, this book clearly defines what services the cloud providers' offer for each service model and what cloud services IT must provide.

•    Foreword
•    Preface
•    Acknowledgments
•    About the author
•    Chapter 1 Why Cloud, Why Now?
•    Chapter 2 Cloud Service Models
•    Chapter 3 Cloud Computing Worst Practices
•    Chapter 4 It Starts with Architecture
•    Chapter 5 Choosing the Right Cloud Service Model
•    Chapter 6 The Key to the Cloud: RESTful Services
•    Chapter 7 Auditing in the Cloud
•    Chapter 8 Data Considerations in the Cloud
•    Chapter 9 Security Design in the Cloud
•    Chapter 10 Creating a Centralized Logging Strategy
•    Chapter 11 SLA Management
•    Chapter 12 Monitoring Strategies
•    Chapter 13 Disaster Recovery Planning
•    Chapter 14 Leveraging a DevOps Culture to Deliver Software Faster and More Reliably
•    Chapter 15 Assessing the Organizational Impact of the Cloud Model
•    Chapter 16 Final Thoughts
•    Summary
•    Index

CTOs, enterprise architects, CFOs, CEOs

Mike Kavis is Vice President Architecture at Inmar, a provider of comprehensive network solutions and services with 4,200 employees in North America, and Chief Technology at Kavis Technology Consulting. He has served in numerous technical roles such as CTO, Chief Architect, and VP positions with over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture. Kavis is a pioneer in cloud computing and lead a team that built the world's first high speed transaction network in Amazon's public cloud.