Cloud Computing Black Book

Author : Kailash Jayaswal, Jagannath Kallakurchi, Donald J. Houde, Dr. Deven Shah, Kogent Learning Solutions
Price : Rs 699.00
ISBN 13 : 9789351194187
ISBN 10 : 9351194183
Pages : 484
Type : Paperbound



This book, Cloud Computing Black Book, is a one-time reference book that covers all aspects of cloud computing in an easy-to-understand approach. It covers a variety of topics, such as cloud computing and its comparison with peer-to-peer, client-server and grid computing; virtualization and its levels; cloud computing services, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DBaaS; cloud computing and its business values; myths and truths about cloud computing; cloud types and models, such as private, community, hybrid and public; open-source eucalyptus and OpenStack cloud application architecture; cloud deployment techniques; recent trends in cloud computing and standards; host security in cloud for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS; data security in cloud.

• Era of Cloud Computing
• Introducing Virtualization
• Cloud Computing Services
• Cloud Computing and Business Value
• Demystifying Cloud Computing
• Cloud Types and Models
• Open Source Cloud Implementation and Administration
• Cloud Deployment Techniques
• Recent Trends in Cloud Computing and Standards
• Host Security in the Cloud
• Data Security in the Cloud
• Application Architecture for Cloud
• Cloud Programming
• Adoption and Use of Cloud by Small and
• Adoption and Use of Cloud by Enterprises
• IT Service Management for Cloud Computing
• SLA with Cloud Service Providers
• Risks, Consequences, and Costs for Cloud Computing
• AAA Administration for Clouds
• Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for Clouds
• Security as A Service
• Cloud Certifications and Audits
• Application Development for Cloud
• Application Security in the Cloud
• Cloud Computing: The Road Ahead
• Mobile Cloud Computing
• Points to Remember
• Glossary
• Index

Kailash Jayaswal is the Vice President of Technical Services and IT Advisor at Choice Solutions, Ltd. He has more than 24 years of experience at technical and management levels in various companies such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Roche Bioscience, Siebel (now Oracle), Yahoo and Caterpillar. He has also provided training to various technical support groups in HP-UX, AIX and Solaris.

Jagannath Kallakurchi is one of the founders and CEO & Managing Director of Choice Solutions Ltd. He has 25 years of extensive IT experience and possesses a rare combination of strong technical and management skills along with an eye to meet clients’ needs. He had been instrumental in establishing a highly-talented server, storage and network consulting division within Choice Solutions Ltd.

Donald J. Houde is currently serving as the Vice President of Client Implementation Services and Executive Consultant at Choice Solutions, Inc. As a corporate and IT executive, Donald Houde has enjoyed more than 25 years of C-level leadership, IT managerial and solution architecture experience. He has specialized in Applied Physics, Business Operations Financial Management, Real Estate Law and Information Technology.

Dr. Deven Shah Currently working as a Professor and Principal in one of the oldest engineering colleges affiliated to the Mumbai University. He is an Open Source Evangelist and pioneered Open Source based content in the engineering studies at the University level. In the year 2009, he created a Private Cloud by using the Open Source Technology in the college to demonstrate how to set up a Virtual Computing Lab.

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