Openstack Cloud Application Development

Author : Scott Adkins, John Belamaric, Vincent Giersch, Denys Makogon, Jason Robinson
Price : Rs 599.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126559275
ISBN 10 : 8126559276
Pages : 168
Type : Paperbound



OpenStack Cloud Application Development is a fast-paced, professional book for OpenStack developers, delivering comprehensive guidance without wasting time on development fundamentals. Written by experts in the OpenStack community from Infoblox, Gigaspaces, GoDaddy and Comcast, this book shows you how to work effectively and efficiently within the OpenStack platform to develop large, scalable applications without worrying about underlying hardware. Follow along with an OpenStack build that illustrates how and where each technology comes into play, as you learn expert tips and best practices that make your product stronger.




Part I: Openstack Overview

Chapter 1: Introducing Openstack

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Why Should I Care?  
  • Understanding the Architecture


Chapter 2: Understanding The Openstack Ecosystem: Core Projects

  • Identity
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Imaging
  • Dashboard
  • Networking
  • Bringing It All Together


Chapter 3: Understanding The Openstack Ecosystem: Additional Projects

  • OpenStack Heat
  • OpenStack Database as a Service: Trove
  • Designate: DNS as a Service
  • Magnum
  • Murano: Application as a Service
  • Ceilometer: Telemetry as a Service


Part II: Developing and Deploying Applications with Openstack

Chapter 4: Application Development

  • Converting a Legacy App to an OpenStack App
  • Building Apps from Scratch
  • OpenStack App Description and Deployment Strategies


Chapter 5: Improving on The Application

  • Failure Scenarios
  • Hostname and IP Addressing
  • Scaling
  • Improving Our Application


Chapter 6: Deploying The Application

  • Bare Metal, Virtual Machines and Containers
  • Orchestration and Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Elasticity
  • Updating and Patching



Book Wrap Up


Experienced application developers and DevOps


Scott Adkins is a technical lead for the Cloud Operations team at Comcast. He helps the team deploy new internal OpenStack environments, as well as to help onboard other teams into the cloud. In particular, Scott helps newcomers to the cloud understand the pet vs. cattle model and how their applications can be adjusted to run more effectively in the OpenStack cloud environment.


John Belamaric is a software and systems architect with nearly 20 years of software design and development experience, his current focus is on cloud network automation. He is a key architect of the Infoblox Cloud products, concentrating on OpenStack integration and development. He brings to this his experience as the lead architect for the Infoblox Network Automation product line, along with a wealth of networking, network management, software, and product design knowledge.


Denys Makogon is a developer and software architect of cloud platforms, mainly focused on developing and designing platform and Software-as-a-Service applications for OpenStack. He is a lead software developer for Gigaspaces, concentrating on Cloudify product development along with bringing well-designed and production-ready integration with VMware cloud platforms, including vCloud Air.


Jason Robinson is a senior platform developer at GoDaddy. He helps teams transition traditional applications to their internal OpenStack cloud with a focus on orchestration and resiliency.