Next Generation Network Services: Technologies & Strategies

Author : Neill Wilkinson
Price : Rs 549.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126567133
ISBN 10 : 8126567139
Pages : 216
Type : Paperbound

Next Generation Network Services: Technologies & Strategies


The book will provide a much-needed overview of the latest communication technologies and describe the influences of the so-called 'next generation' networks on telecom operators' environments. It will begin with a very brief history of telecoms and how the advent of the internet has changed the way people think about communications.


Part I: Technology.

  • Introduction.
  • Circuit Switched Technologies.
  • The Transmission Infrastructure.
  • Intelligent Networks.
  • Mobile Networks.
  • Packet Switched Technologies.
  • Access Technologies.
  • Voice and Data Convergence.
  • Representing Information.
  • Directories more than just Information Storage.

Part II: Services, Architectures and Applications.

  • Introduction.
  • Intelligent Network Services.
  • Call Centres.
  • Internet Based Services.
  • Bringing it all together- The New Network Architecture.
  • Part III: Implications.
  • Introduction.
  • Expectation and Realisation.
  • Reference and Further Reading.




  • Telecommunications network managers, network strategists and designers.
  • Technical departmental managers in telecommunications operators who are looking for a book that will allow them to understand the evolving technologies at their disposal and help them form strategies that will shape their department to manage the change.
  • Also, all those from either a telecommunications or IT background trying to understand the implications of the convergence of the traditional telecoms networks and the internet.