Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications, 3ed

Author : J. Patrick Powers, Arthur B. Corwin, Paul C. Schmall, Walter E. Kaeck
Price : Rs 1,495.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126541669
ISBN 10 : 8126541660
Pages : 656
Type : Paperbound
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This third edition brings the book up to date with current technology & practice and expands its coverage to include the important topics of groundwater control and contamination. Three new coauthors bring a wealth of practical, on-site experience resulting in the inclusion of dozens of real-world case histories.  New material on contracting practices and conflict resolution has been added as well as coverage of modern software used to model and plan dewatering projects.

•    Groundwater in Construction.
•    The Geology of Soils
•    Soils and Water.
•    Hydrology of the Ideal Aquifer.
•    Characteristics of Natural Aquifers.
•    Dewatering Design using Analytical Methods.
•    Groundwater modeling using Numerical Methods.
•    Monitoring.
•    Pumping Tests.
•    Surface Hydrology.
•    Geotechnical Investigation of Dewatering Problems.
•    Pump Theory.
•    Groundwater Chemistry, Bacteriology and Fouling of Dewatering Systems.
•    Contaminated Groundwater.
•    Piping Systems.
•    Choosing a Method of Groundwater Control.
•    Sumps, Drains and Open Pumping.
•    WellPoint Systems.
•    Ejector Systems and Other Methods.
•    Groundwater Cut-off Structures.
•    Ground Freezing.
•    Artificial Recharge.
•    Electrical Design for Dewatering Systems.
•    Long-Term Dewatering Systems.
•    Dewatering Costs.
•    Dewatering Specifications, Allocation of Risk, Dispute Avoidance and Resolution of Disputes.
•    Appendix A.
•    Appendix B.

New edition of the authoritative construction dewatering text. Covers new methods and techniques as well as including many new real-world case histories.

 J. Patrick Powers is a consultant with Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers in New York, NY

 Art Corwin is Executive Vice President of Moretrench in Rockaway, NJ

 Paul Schmall is Vice President and Chief Engineer of Moretrench in Rockaway, NJ

 Walter Kaeck is an Associate with Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers in New York, NY