Consumer India: Inside The Indian Mind and Wallet

Author : Dheeraj Sinha
ISBN 13 : 9788126529780
ISBN 10 : 8126529784
Pages : 194
Type : Paperbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books

Consumer India: Inside The Indian Mind and Wallet


Consumer India looks at changing consumption patterns with insights into how the Indian consumer thinks and behaves, and how to get a share of the opening wallet.


Chapter 1: Transforming the Karma
How Cultural Forces Are Shaping Consumption Behavior in India

Chapter 2: The Currency of Emotion
The Meaning of Money and the Making of Financial Brands

Chapter 3: Beauty in Action
The Business of Looking Good

Chapter 4: Masala Media
Entertainment for the Taste Buds

Chapter 5: Meaningful Technology
The Cultural Circuitry of Technology Products

Chapter 6: Branding the Bazaar
The Logic of Indian Brands and Retailing

Chapter 7: Youth versus Youthful
Building Youth Brands in a Youthful Country

Chapter 8: Seamless Savitris
The New Indian Woman and New Market Opportunities

Chapter 9: Small Is Big
The Growth of the Small-Town and Rural Markets

Chapter 10: Three Generations, One Big Market
Opportunities in a New Segmentation of India


·    Business community, including marketers and branding professionals with an interest in India as a marketing/branding/business destination

·    Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Advertising, Market Research and Public Relations professionals

·    Advertising & Market Research Associations

·    MBA students

Dheeraj Sinha is Chief Strategy Officer for Bates141India and leads the Strategic Planning function for Mumbai & Kolkata offices of Bates141 in India. He is also the Regional Strategic Council Head - India/West Asia for Bates. Dheeraj is responsible for brand strategy and thinking on key national businesses that Bates handles in India. He is also responsible for leading insight development in various consumer constituencies and product categories. As a part of the Bates141 Strategic Council he is responsible for creating and sharing best practices that live the Change Agency philosophy of Bates141.