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Core Values and Principles:


  • We are responsible to our customers, who rely on the quality of our products and services to meet their needs. Service must be prompt and efficient and prices should be reasonable.

  • We are responsible to our authors and partners, who collaborate with us to create high quality products and services, and who deserve appropriate recognition and compensation for their efforts.

  • We are responsible to our colleagues, whom we respect as human beings first, professionals second. We must provide a reasonable sense of security, pleasant and safe working conditions, fair compensation and benefit programs, and opportunities for professional growth.

  • We are responsible to our shareholders, who should realize a fair return on their investments. Investors can rely on a highly capable leadership team and an independent Board of Directors distinguished by their commitment to effective governance, ethical behavior, and integrity in all that we do.

  • We are responsible to the communities in which we work. These communities should benefit from our good citizenship, including our Support of educational and cultural organizations.

    Wiley’s Leadership Values:

  • Customer Focus: Identify and understand the needs of customers
  •     Meet and exceed customer expectations
        Build long-term relationships


  • Integrity:
  •     Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior
        Lead by example
        Be accountable

  • Initiative & Innovation:
  •     Have a continuous improvement mindset
        Encourage creativity
        Take responsible risks

  • Collaboration:
  •     Create and maintain effective teams
        Collaborate with Peers
        Work across organization and geographic boundaries

  • Results - Orientation:
  •     Excel in execution
        Remain fiscally focused
        Be decisive & performance driven

  • Respect for the individual:
  •     Treat others with respect
        Foster open & honest communication
        Coach & develop others
        Embrace diversity