Dam Hydraulics

Author : D. L. Vischer, W. H. Hager
ISBN 13 : 9788126539840
Pages : 328
Type : P

Dam Hydraulics


This book develops the main themes of water flow in dam structures, emphasizing the hydraulic principles governing the design, construction and refurbishment of dams. Opening with an overview of the various dam structures, it then develops fundamental topics including: reservoir sedimentation, waves due to landslides and dambreak waves. The authors provide a systematic analysis of the various phenomena associated with dam hydraulics, illustrated with appropriate figures and photographs of laboratory models and prototype structures.

·               Overflow Structures.

·               Diversion Structures.

·               Outlet Structures.

·               Dissipation Structures.

·               Bottom Outlets.

·               Intake Structures.

·               Reservoir Sedimentation.

·               Impulse Waves from Shore Instabilities.

·               Dambreak Waves.

·               Indexes