Design of Experiments using The Taguchi Approach: 16 Steps to Product and Process Improvement

Author : Ranjit K. Roy
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Design of Experiments or "DOE" is defined as "The planned, structured and organized observation of two or more input/independent variables (factors) and their effect on the output/dependent variable(s) under study." In other words DOE is done by carefully setting up and controlling an experiment so that a specific number of inputs are tested to precisely see how they affect the outcome. Statistics principles are used to analyze and predict the changes to the results of the experiment in question based on controlled inputs. 

•             Preface.

•             Acknowledgments.

•             Symbols and Abbreviations.

•             Introduction.

•             Design of Experiments and the Taguchi Approach.

•             Definition and Measurement of Quality.

•             Common Experiments and Methods of Analysis.

•             Experimental Design Using Orthogonal Arrays.

•             Experimental Design with Two-Level Factors Only.

•             Experimental Design with Three- and Four-Level Factors.

•             Analysis of Variance.

•             Experimental Design for Studying Factors Interaction.

•             Experimental Design with Mixed-Level Factors.

•             Combination Designs.

•             Strategies for Robust Design.

•             Analysis Using Signal-to-Noise Ratios.

•             Results Comprising Multiple Criteria of Evaluations.

•             Quantification of Variation Reduction and Performance Improvement.

•             Effective Experiment Preparation and Planning.

•             Case Studies.

•             Appendix.

•             What's on the Disk?

•             Index.

•             List of Symbols.


RANJIT K. ROY is an internationally known consultant and trainer who have achieved recognition for his down-to-earth teaching style of Taguchi experimental design. Since 1977 he has been Adjunct Professor at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and is the founder of Nutek, Inc.