Developing Web Applications, 2ed

Author : M.T. Savaliya
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ISBN 13 : 9788126538676
ISBN 10 : 8126538678
Pages : 424
Type : Paperbound

Developing Web Applications, 2ed


Building applications for the Internet is a complex and fast-moving field which utilizes a variety of continually evolving technologies. Whether your perspective is from the client or server side, there are many languages to master -- X(HTML), JavaScript, PHP, XML and CSS to name but a few. These languages have to work together cleanly, logically and in harmony with the systems they run on and be compatible with any browsers with which they interact.

·    The way the Web works.
·    The Client Side: HTML.
·    From HTML to XHTML.
·    Getting some Style: CSS.
·    JavaScript: Introduction to Client Side Scripting.
·    JavaScript: Developing more Advanced Scripts.
·    DHTML.
·    XML: Extensible Markup Language.
·    XML, XSL and XSLT: Transforming XML.
·    Web Services, Feeds and Blogs.
·    The Server Side.
·    PHP 1: Starting to Script on the Server Side.
·    PHP 2: Arrays, Functions and Forms.
·    More Advanced PHP.
·    Network and Web Security.
·    Databases.
·    Alternative Scripting Languages.
·    Future: Gaining a Perspective.

An accessible and valuable introduction to Web Application Development.