Economics of Strategy, 6ed, ISV

Author : David Besanko, David Dranove, Mark Shanley, Scott Schaefer
Price : Rs 709.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126540716
ISBN 10 : 8126540710
Pages : 560
Type : Paperbound



Economics of Strategy offers a comprehensive text that provides a link between economic theory and business applications that is at once technical in its approach and accessible due to its numerous examples and clear writing style. The sixth edition of Besanko's Economics of Strategy uses economic theory to bring new insights to popular topics in modern strategy.  By presenting basic concepts of economic theory with ideas in modern strategy literature, this book provides readers with a logical framework for understanding the strategic activities within a firm.

Part One: Firm Boundaries • The Power of Principles: An Historical Perspective • The Horizontal Boundaries of the Firm • The Vertical Boundaries of the Firm • Integration and Its Alternatives Part Two: Market and Competitive Analysis • Competitors and Competition • Entry and Exit • Dynamics: Competing Across Time • Industry Analysis Part Three: Strategic Position and Dynamics • Strategic Positioning for Competitive Advantage • Information and Value Creation • Sustaining Competitive Advantage Part Four: Strategic Position and Dynamics • Performance Measurement and Incentives • Strategy and Structure • Environment, Power, and Culture

Business Managers, MBA students, Researchers and Academics of Economics and Management.

Professor David Besanko is the Alvin J. Huss Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Besanko's research covers topics relating to industry dynamics, competitive strategy, industrial organization, the theory of the firm and economics of regulation. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation and from the Citicorp Behavioral Science Research Council to support this research.