Optical and Microwave Technologies for Telecommunication Networks

Author : Otto Strobel
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Optical and Microwave Technologies for Telecommunication Networks


This is a self-contained book on the foundations and applications of optical and microwave technologies to telecommunication networks application, with an emphasis on access, local, road, cars, trains, vessels and airplanes, indoor and in-car data transmission as well as for long-distance fiber-systems and application in outer space and automation technology. The book provides a systematic discussion of physics/optics, electromagnetic wave theory, optical fibre technology, and the potential and limitations of optical and microwave transmission.



1 Introduction


2 Optical and Microwave Fundamentals

2.1 Free Space Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves

2.2 Interference

2.3 Coherence

2.4 Polarization

2.5 Refraction and Reflection

2.6 Diffraction


3 Optical Fibers

3.1 Attenuation in Glass Fibers

3.2 Dispersions in Fibers


4 Fiber Manufacturing, Cabling and Coupling

4.1 Fiber Manufacturing

4.2 Fiber Cabling

4.3 Coupling Elements for Fiber-Optic Systems


5 Integrated-Optic Components

5.1 Integrated-Optic Waveguides

5.2 Integrated-Optic Modulators

5.3 Integrated-Optic Polarizers

5.4 Integrated-Optic Filters

5.5 Losses in Integrated-Optic Devices


6 Optical Light Sources and Drains

6.1 Semiconductor Light Sources

6.2 Semiconductor Light Drains


7 Optical Transmitter and Receiver Circuit Design

7.1 Optical Transmitter Circuit Design

7.2 Optical Receiver Circuit Design


8 Fiber-Optic Amplifiers

8.1 Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers

8.2 Fiber Raman Amplifiers


9 Fiber- and Wireless-Optic Data Transmission

9.1 Direct Transmission Systems as Point-to-Point Connections

9.1.1 Unidirectional, Bidirectional and Multichannel Systems

9.2 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) Systems

9.3 Optical Satellite Communications

9.4 Coherent Transmission Systems

9.5 Top Results on Fiber-Optic Transmission Capacity for High-Speed Long Distance

9.6 Optical Fibers in Automation Technology


10 Last Mile Systems, In-House-Networks, LAN- and MAN-Applications

10.1 Last Mile Systems

10.2 Polymer Optical Fibers, POF

10.3 Radio over Fiber (RoF) Systems  

10.4 Free Space Optical Communications

10.5 WLAN Systems and Fiber Networks  

10.6 Energy Efficiency Aspects in Optical Access and Core Networks


11 Optical Data-Bus and Microwave Systems for Automotive Application in Vehicles, Airplanes and Ships

11.1 Communication in Transportation Systems

11.2 Radar for Transportation Systems




Primary: Junior telecommunications engineers, design engineers, practitioners in industry, researchers, electrical engineers in communication, advanced students


Secondary: Small service providers, graduate students, managers still having contact to practical R&D in electrical / electronics and IT areas, physicists, systems engineers in telecommunications equipment providers.


Otto Strobel, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Otto Strobel has worked for many years in R&D and consultancy for companies including Daimler, Alcatel-Lucent (now Bell Labs Germany), HP (now Agilent), Siemens, and Diehl Aerospace. He currently teaches physics, optoelectronics, optical communication, optical buses in automotive applications and optical sensors at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences