Wiley's GMAT Ace the Bold Face 2017

Author : Aristotle Prep
Price : Rs 799.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126562626
ISBN 10 : 8126562625
Pages : 88
Type : Paperbound



The Wiley-Aristotle GMAT Ace the Bold Face 2017 is a unique book for those who want to attain a high score on the Bold Face questions which are considered a challenging Critical Reasoning question type on the GMAT. In addition to the fact that there is no other book in the market which is dedicated solely to this question type, what sets this book apart is the scientific approach that it follows to help you recognize distractors and common traps that the GMAT puts in your way in the actual exam. This book is essentially a question bank comprising 50 GMAT-like questions that have been created after analyzing the performance of recent top scorers in the GMAT exam.


Points to remember


-->  50 GMAT®-like Bold Face Questions
--> QR Codes to access 'Expert Speak' videos
--> Detailed explanations for each question
--> Scientific approach to recognizing distractors and traps in the question
--> A must-have resource for those who want to master Bold Face Questions on the GMAT


What differentiates this book from others


--> The only book of its kind available in the market
--> Deconstructs the bold face question type and provides tools to solve any type of bold face argument on the GMAT
--> Uses a conversational and jargon-free writing style
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos



  • Introduction
  • What are Bold Face Questions?
  • Bold Face Questions—Practice Set
  • Answers and Explanations
  • Index—QR Codes


Primary Market

GMAT Exam aspirants


Secondary Market

Same as primary market


The book has been authored by the experts at Aristotle Prep. Aristotle Prep provides industry leading test prep products for the GMAT, GRE, and SAT. The company began its operations in 2010 and rose to prominence with the success of the GMAT Sentence Correction Grail, its flagship book. Riding on this success, the company moved into test preparation services and admission consulting services in 2013. Aristotle Prep is increasingly gaining recognition as a provider of high quality products and services for those targeting high scores on standardized tests.


“I always used to struggle with bold face questions, especially the language that the GMAT uses in such questions. The OG barely had any such questions to practice from, nor did any of the other books. I got my hands on the Ace the Bold face book just at the right time and these questions greatly helped me understand how to eliminate options better and in less time. An excellent supplement to the Critical Reasoning Grail.”

— Rakitha Dharamasena, GMAT 770 (Kellogg – Class of 2016)


“I really like the elimination based approach that this book advocates because, at times, it can be very difficult to select the correct answer on bold face questions. The answer choices to the questions in this book cover almost every term from counterpoint to claim to evidence to assumption, so you are totally prepared for anything such questions can throw at you. A great practice resource.”

— Glen Wozniaski, GMAT 770 (MIT Sloan – Class of 2016)


“A very innovative book from the Aristotle team. Bold face questions are the most difficult of CR questions that most students struggle on. The questions in this book do a great job of demystifying the language of bold face questions and also of the answer choices. I felt much more confident after practicing these 50 questions and I’m sure I got all three of the bold face questions I saw in my actual GMAT correct. Thanks, Ace the Bold Face!”

— Sergio Allen, GMAT 750 (INSEAD – Class of 2015)


“What I liked most about this book is that it takes the focus away from individual terms such as ‘position’ and ‘claim’ and puts the focus on understanding the overall argument and the role being played by the two bold parts in it. Once you approach bold face questions in this manner, it becomes easier to predict the correct answer and also to eliminate the incorrect ones.”

— William Lampard, GMAT 760 (Columbia – Class of 2015)


“The book has 50 bold face questions with all the different possible argument types and answer choices that you can possibly see on the GMAT. It does a great job of boosting your confidence on this question type. A must-have if bold face questions are your bugbear.”

— David Blendon, GMAT 740 (Wharton – Class of 2015)