Wiley's GMAT Critical Reasoning Grail 2017

Author : Aristotle Prep
Price : Rs 1,299.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126562596
ISBN 10 : 8126562595
Pages : 248
Type : Paperbound



The Wiley-Aristotle GMAT Critical Reasoning Grail 2017 is a definite resource for those who want to attain a high score on the Verbal section of the GMAT. In addition to reviewing the fundamentals of critical reasoning and different Critical Reasoning question types tested on the GMAT, this book takes you through common argument structures and red herring terms that you need to watch out for. The book builds a strong foundation by discussing the basics of Critical Reasoning and then addresses each question type in-depth. It then goes a step further and provides you 100 handpicked questions for intensive practice. The book also contains references to The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017, 2016 and 2015 to help you understand how a concept is tested on actual GMAT questions.


Points to remember


--> In-depth coverage of all CR Question Types tested on the GMAT
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos
--> Practice set of 100 questions with 30% NEW content
--> Dedicated chapter on ‘Provide a Logical Conclusion’ Questions—a new question type increasingly being tested on the GMAT
--> References to the 2017, 2016 and 2015 editions of the Official Guide for GMAT
--> Review and the 2017 and 2016 editions of the Official Guide for Verbal Review
--> In-depth coverage of all CR Question
--> References to the 2017, 2016 and 2015 editions of the Official Guide for GMAT Review and the 2017 and 2016 editions of the Official Guide for Verbal Review


What differentiates this book from others


--> Provides up-to-date content by focussing on questions increasingly being tested on the GMAT
--> Does not make you dependent on the diagrammatic approach
--> Uses a conversational and jargon-free writing style
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos





Section 1 – About the GMAT


Section 2 – Diagnostic Test


Section 3 – Basics of Critical Reasoning


Section 4 – Critical Reasoning Question Types

4.1 Find the Assumption Questions

4.2 Evaluate the Argument Questions

4.3 Strengthen the Argument Questions

4.4 Weaken the Argument Questions

4.5 Identify the Flaw Questions

4.6 Inference Questions

4.7 Explain the Paradox Questions

4.8 Provide a Logical Conclusion Questions

4.9 Miscellaneous Questions

         a. Bold Face questions

         b. Main Point questions

         c. Parallel Reasoning Questions


Section 5 – Common Argument Structures

1. Causality

2. Representativeness

3. Arguments with Numbers

4. The Importance of Terminology on GMAT Critical Reasoning


Section 6 – Sentence Correction Practice Set

1. Questions 1 – 100

2. Answers and Explanations


Section 7 – Quick Recall

Index—QR Codes


Primary Market

GMAT Exam aspirants


Secondary Market

Same as primary market


The book has been authored by the experts at Aristotle Prep. Aristotle Prep provides industry leading test prep products for the GMAT, GRE and SAT. The company began its operations in 2010 and rose to prominence with the success of the GMAT Sentence Correction Grail, its flagship book. Riding on this success, the company moved into test preparation services and admission consulting services in 2013. Aristotle Prep is increasingly gaining recognition as a provider of high quality products and services for those targeting high scores on standardized tests.


 “The best thing about the CR Grail is that it focuses on understanding the meaning of arguments rather

than on mere tricks to identify the conclusion, evidence, etc. The book is also written in a very student

friendly manner with short chapters and to-the-point content. I found the fifth section of the book that

talks about Causality and Representativeness the most useful.”


 — Glen Wozniaski, GMAT 770 (MIT Sloan – Class of 2016)


“I endorse this one as well. Explains each question type really well. The division of SWAFE (strengthening,

weakening, assumptions, flaw, and evaluate) and non-SWAFE questions is a good way to categorize things.

The question bank is pretty impressive as well.”


 — Jhumsumtak, Moderator, gmatclub.com, GMAT 770 (v-44,q-51)


“The CR Grail is a terrific book for Critical Reasoning. I used to think that Critical Reasoning was my

strong area but the book still ended up teaching me some new things such as Passive Assumptions. I really

like the book’s focus on assumptions and on avoiding jargon and diagrams. The best CR book out there!”


 — Prerana Sharma, GMAT 740 (London Business School – Class of 2016)


“The best thing about the CR Grail is that it doesn’t use diagrams and unlayers Critical Reasoning concepts

in a great way. Makes it easy to master Critical Reasoning.”


— Rishi Raj, beatthegmat.com Global Moderator, GMAT 760



“Being weak at Critical Reasoning, I pretty much referred to almost all the CR books out there and I can

say without any doubt that CR Grail is the best and the most comprehensive of the lot. The best part about

the book is the manner in which it covers all the concepts without getting verbose or using too many lines.

The book is crisp and covers everything needed to ace the CR questions on the GMAT. A special mention

for the practice question set that I found very useful.”


— Kevin Lee, GMAT 770 (Harvard – Class of 2016)


“The unique aspect of all Aristotle books is the easy and flowing manner in which they are written, and

the CR Grail is no exception. It makes its point without getting dense or complex and one can understand

all the concepts very easily. More importantly, one can actually understand how and where to apply these

concepts. The third section of the book is really helpful and the question bank is also very useful. All in all,

a great buy.”


— Bai Wong, GMAT 720 (Stanford – Class of 2017)