Wiley's GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail 2017

Author : Aristotle Prep
Price : Rs 1,299.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126562602
ISBN 10 : 8126562609
Pages : 332
Type : Paperbound



The Wiley-Aristotle GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail 2017 has been written in view of the fact that you need three things to do well on GMAT Reading Comprehension. First, you need to know the secrets to reading RCs efficiently. Second, learn how to identify and tackle different RC Question Types. And, finally, practice enough number of passages from myriad subjects to build the requisite mental stamina so that you are able to comprehend dense and boring passages that the GMAT tests you on. The book spans over 300 pages and is the most comprehensive book available today in the market to crack the GMAT Reading Comprehension. The book starts by unravelling the secrets to reading passages quickly yet effectively, then moves on to discuss various RC question types and then provides 60 GMAT like practice passages. By the time, you finish the book, rest assured you that you will not fear reading comprehension on the GMAT anymore because you would have learnt what are the best strategies, which of them work for you and which do not.


Points to remember


-->  Secrets to reading RC Passages quickly yet effectively
--> QR Codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos
--> Wide range of Passages—Feminism, American History, Philosophy, Science, etc.
--> Passages divided into Low, Medium, & High Difficulty Levels
--> References to the 2017, 2016 and 2015 editions of the Official Guide for GMAT Review and the 2017 and 2016 editions of the Official Guide for Verbal Review


What differentiates this book from others


--> Provides 3 times the number of practice passages as compared to any other book
--> The only book that provides a passage map for every passage along with detailed explanations
--> Uses a conversational and jargon-free writing style
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos





Section 1 – About the GMAT


Section 2 – Diagnostic Test


Section 3 – Basics of Reading Comprehension


Section 4 – Reading Comprehension Question Types

1. Global Questions

2. Detail Questions

3. Inference Questions

4. Miscellaneous Questions

       a. Function Questions

       b.Vocabulary-in-Context Questions

       c. Critical Reasoning type Questions


Section 5 – Strategies to Tackle GMAT Reading Comprehension


Section 6 – Reading Comprehension Practice Passages

1. Low Difficulty Passages

2. Medium Difficulty Passages

3. High Difficulty Passages

4. Answers and Explanations


Section 7 – Quick Recall


Index—QR Codes


Primary Market

GMAT Exam aspirants


Secondary Market

Same as primary market


The book has been authored by the experts at Aristotle Prep. Aristotle Prep provides industry leading test prep products for the GMAT, GRE and SAT. The company began its operations in 2010 and rose to prominence with the success of the GMAT Sentence Correction Grail, its flagship book. Riding on this success, the company moved into test preparation services and admission consulting services in 2013. Aristotle Prep is increasingly gaining recognition as a provider of high quality products and services for those targeting high scores on standardized tests.


“This is the only good RC book currently available in the market. All other books focus too much on

strategy and too little on providing practice passages, whereas as this book correctly says—the only way to improve RC is through practice. The passages are also very nicely divided into three difficulty levels so one can gauge one’s level of improvement as one practices more and more. The strategy section of this book is actually a bonus as it provides some really interesting tips not just for RC but for the GMAT as a whole. A big thumbs up from me!”


— Chandni Khanna, GMAT 780 (INSEAD – Class of 2015)



“Like all Aristotle books, the RC Grail is crisply written with almost no fluff. It covers all the question types in detail and, I particularly found its approach to Inference questions very useful. The book has more than twice as many practice passages as any other book in the market. What’s more, the passages are segregated by difficulty level so you can get an accurate idea of how you are performing on this question type. Unlike the OG, this book has only 3-4 questions per passage, which makes it very GMAT-like. The best book you can get for RC.”


— Kevin Lee, GMAT 770 (Harvard – Class of 2016)



“The RC Grail is the best book for Reading Comprehension. I am a non-native speaker and the strategies mentioned in this book greatly helped me improve my accuracy rate in the Verbal section of the GMAT. The passages in the book are from every possible topic and the questions are also very GMAT-type, so it prepares you very well for what you are likely to see on the actual test. Every passage comes with a passage map which is a bonus. Highly recommended!”


— Abdul Ismaili, GMAT 740 (National University of Singapore – Class of 2015)



“Many times better than others. RC Grail is the best book out there for RC. Period.”

— Rishi Raj, beatthegmat.com Global Moderator, GMAT 760



“The unique thing about the RC Grail is that it focuses on providing more practice passages rather than

prescribing random strategies that may not work for all students. Dividing the passages by difficulty level was a nice touch, as was providing the topic, scope and passage map for every passage as it helped me gauge whether I was understanding the passage correctly. The explanations provided are also very clear and to the point. If you are struggling with RC, this is THE book to buy.”


 — Chris Robinson, GMAT 750 (Haas School of Business – Class of 2016)



“Combine Veritas RC and Manhattan RC and pit them against RC Grail and RC Grail will still be better

than the combination. If you’re weak in RC, this is the book you need.”


—Shovit Dhar, Moderator, gmatclub.com, GMAT 730 (v-40, q-51)