Wiley's The Big Idiom Question Bank 2017 for the GMAT

Author : Aristotle Prep
Price : Rs 799.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126562619
ISBN 10 : 8126562617
Pages : 88
Type : Paperbound



The Wiley-Aristotle Big Idiom Question Bank 2017 for the GMAT is a definitive resource for those who are struggling with Idioms—a commonly tested Sentence Correction question type on the GMAT. Idioms cannot really be memorized—they have to be absorbed so that they become almost like a reflex action! This is possible only if you practice a large number of GMAT type questions testing you only on Idioms and Usage based errors. Unfortunately, such a practice resource was not available until now. To solve this problem, we have published this exclusive set of 100 Idiom and Usage based questions in the same format as you would see them on an actual Sentence Correction question on the GMAT.


Points to remember


--> 100 GMAT Sentence Correction type questions
--> QR Codes to access 'Expert Speak' videos
--> Bonus questions on Usage and Style
--> Detailed explanations for each question
--> A must-have resource for those who want to master Idioms and Usage on the GMAT


What differentiates this book from others


--> Follows the actual GMAT Sentence Correction question format
--> Covers all the commonly tested idioms and usage concepts tested on the GMAT
--> Uses a conversational and jargon-free writing style
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos



  • Introduction
  • Idiom Questions—Practice Set
  • Answers and Explanations
  • Index—QR Codes


Primary Market

GMAT Exam aspirants


Secondary Market

Same as primary market


The book has been authored by the experts at Aristotle Prep. Aristotle Prep provides industry leading test prep products for the GMAT, GRE and SAT. The company began its operations in 2010 and rose to prominence with the success of the GMAT Sentence Correction Grail, its flagship book. Riding on this success, the company moved into test preparation services and admission consulting services in 2013. Aristotle Prep is increasingly gaining recognition as a provider of high quality products and services for those targeting high scores on standardized tests.


“As anyone who has prepared for the GMAT will tell you, idioms are one of the biggest problem areas on the test. Things that sound good turn out to be wrong and things that sound wrong turn out to be correct. The questions in this book do a great job of drilling the correct idioms in your head, so that by the time you are done with all 100 questions, the correct idioms start coming to you almost instinctively. The best resource available out there for idioms.”


— Rajat Sethi, GMAT 750 (Columbia – Class of 2016)



“I totally agree with this book when it says that idioms can’t be memorized. I have tried to do so and I have failed hopelessly. The thing is, we get so used to using the wrong idiom that it just ends up sounding better than the correct one. The only way to get idioms right is to get them wrong a few times, as this book says, because then they permanently get registered in your mind. I have totally seen that work for me and highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with idioms.”


— Deborrah Liane, GMAT 760 (NYU Stern – Class of 2015)



 “While most other books focus on giving you long idiom lists, this book, instead, takes a very innovativeapproach by giving you idiom based practice questions, and a full hundred of them. I have tried every idiom list out there and this book is the only thing that worked for me because when you actually attempt SC questions and get an idiom wrong a few times, you always tend to remember it in future. That’s exactly what this book makes you do. Kudos to the Aristotle team for coming up with this excellent resource!”


— Arshi Khanam, GMAT 730 (INSEAD – Class of 2016)



“The best book that you can refer to if you are struggling with idioms. The questions in this book cover all the idioms commonly tested on the GMAT and they test you on these idioms repeatedly so that by the time you are done with all the questions, the correct idiom gets etched in your mind. Getting idioms right by getting them wrong a few times is a truly innovative approach and one that works beautifully. A big thumbs up from me!”


— Deeksha Jashnani, GMAT 760 (Stanford – Class of 2015)