Wiley's Ultimate One-Minute Explanations to GMAT OG 2017 Sentence Correction Questions

Author : Aristotle Prep
Price : Rs 899.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126562633
ISBN 10 : 8126562633
Pages : 196
Type : Paperbound



The Wiley-Aristotle Ultimate One-Minute Explanations to GMAT OG 2017 Sentence Correction Questions is a must-have book for those who want to attain a high score on the Verbal section of the GMAT. It is the only book in the market that provides detailed explanations to each Sentence Correction question in the GMAT OG 2017. Like all other books in the Wiley-Aristotle GMAT portfolio, this book steers clear of jargon and explains even the most complex questions in a simple-to-understand language. What further differentiates this book is the scientific approach that it brings to analyzing the SC questions through the use of the One-Minute Method and the Aristotle Multiple-Split Method. These methods provide you the invaluable skills to arrive at the correct answer in less than a minute and develop the ability to solve any SC question, no matter how difficult.


Points to remember


--> OG 2017 SC Explanations, in plain speak
--> QR Codes to access ‘Expert Speak’ videos
--> Two-pronged & structured approach to solving SC questions:
--> One-Minute Method – To get the answer in less than a minute
--> Aristotle Multiple-Split Method - A scientific method for solving any SC question, no matter how difficult!


What differentiates this book from others


--> Provides two solutions to each question
--> Employs scientific tools such as the One-Minute and Aristotle Multiple-Split Methods
--> Uses a conversational and jargon-free writing style
--> QR codes to access ‘Expert Speak’



  • Introduction
  • GMAT OG 2017 – SC Questions 668 - 807
  • GMAT OG 2017 – SC Answer Grid
  • GMAT OG 2017 – SC Questions Break-up by Topic
  • GMAT OG 2017 – SC Questions Break-up by Difficulty Level
  • Index—QR Codes


Primary Market

GMAT Exam aspirants


Secondary Market

Same as primary market


The book has been authored by the experts at Aristotle Prep. Aristotle Prep provides industry leading test prep products for the GMAT, GRE and SAT. The company began its operations in 2010 and rose to prominence with the success of the GMAT Sentence Correction Grail, its flagship book. Riding on this success, the company moved into test preparation services and admission consulting services in 2013. Aristotle Prep is increasingly gaining recognition as a provider of high quality products and services for those targeting high scores on standardized tests.


“This is an excellent book as it completely does away with the all the grammar-related jargon that the OG explanations are filled with. Like the SC Grail, this book also uses simple easy-to-understand language to explain even some of the more difficult questions in the OG. Some of the OG explanations that I found almost impossible to understand became crystal clear when I went through the explanations in the One Minute Explanations book.”

— Krystal Kowlowski, GMAT 770 (Columbia – Class of 2016)


“I really loved the explanations provided by the Aristotle experts in this book as it really helps you see each OG question from the eyes of an expert. I was actually surprised to see how quickly these guys could arrive at the answer to what seemed like extremely difficult questions and how they did it by skipping most of the technical grammar bits. Overall, this book is a must-have if you want to get the most out of the SC questions in the OG.”

— Alan Cowell, GMAT 760 (Kellogg – Class of 2016)


“For people like me who are not naturally strong in SC, this book gives a step-by-step structure to approaching any SC question, whether in the OG or outside. The steps remain unchanged, no matter what the question, which makes it easy to identify the errors, especially under timed conditions. Normally when I approached any SC question I used to be very unsure of what I was looking for. The structure described in this book made me purposefully look for the different errors instead of hoping for the error to reveal itself to me.”

— Bikram Dandekar, GMAT 750 (Wharton – Class of 2016)


“This book is an excellent way to analyze OG Sentence Correction questions as it gives you two different approaches for each question. Interestingly, even though I had got a lot of the OG SC questions correct, this book showed me how I could have got to some of those answers in double quick time. Overall, I found this book a great help in mastering GMAT SC.”

— Phil Simmons, GMAT 730 (Chicago Booth – Class of 2016)