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Environmental Remote Sensing From Regional to Global Scales

Author : Giles M. Foody, Paul J. Curran
ISBN 13 : 9788126539796
Pages : 252
Type : P

Environmental Remote Sensing From Regional to Global Scales


Remote sensing by satellites provides scientists with powerful means of analyzing the terrestrial environment in fields as diverse as meteorology, agriculture, town planning or ecology. Allied to the powerful computer-based methodologies of Geographic Information Systems and image processing and cartographic techniques, perhaps its most important aspect is the way Environmental Remote Sensing (ERS) can allow synoptic interpretation of complex geographical phenomena from global to local scales.

·               Partial table of contents

·               Environmental Issues at Regional to Global Scales (P. Curran & G. Foody).

·               Explaining and Monitoring Land Cover Dynamics in Drylands Using Multi-Temporal Analysis of NOAA AVHRR Imagery (A. Millington, et al.).

·               Global Land Cover: Comparison of Ground-Based Data Sets to Classifications with AVHRR Data (R. DE Fries & J. Townshend).

·               A Near-Real-Time Heat Source Monitoring System Using NOAA Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellites (G. Smith & R. Vaughan).

·               Attempts to Drive Ecosystem Simulation Models at Local to Regional Scales (P. Curran).

·               Environmental Monitoring Using Multiple-View-Angle (MVA) Remotely-Sensed Data (M. Barnsley).

·               Spatial Data: Data Types, Data Applications and Reasons for Partial Adoption and Non-Integration (J. Allan).

·               Index.


Giles Foody University College, Swansea, UK Paul Curran University of Southampton, UK