Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting

Author : Steve Morlidge, Steve Player
ISBN 13 : 9788126529162
ISBN 10 : 8126529164
Pages : 328
Type : Hardbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books

Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting


Managers of organizations are having to cope with an unprecedented level of turbulence in the business environment. At the same time their ability to compete successfully in the market place depends on the capacity to forecast the future accurately in order to protect the survival of their organisation. Conventional management techniques such as budgeting, are predicated on the ability to 2018predict' the future a year ahead - which we are patently unable to do. In the absence of an ability to generate and continuously update a view of the future as it unfolds, businesses can only react to events after the event.As a result, in business there is currently widespread interest in techniques such as rolling forecasts because they address some of the weaknesses of budgeting - i.e. the annual cycle and the limited horizon. The Beyond Budgeting concept that does away with typical financial budgeting cycles is growing in popularity with more and more fortune 1000 companies looking to implement it in their organisation including the likes of American Express, Time Warner, MasterCard International and SAS. There is, however, no guidance to help organisations design and run effective forecasting processes, and how to integrate them with other business processes - every business embarking on this journey is effectively engaging in an experiment.

Table of Figures. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. SECTION 1 2018Why?' · Chapter 1 Part 1 Why Change? Everyone Knows the Trouble I've Seen. · Chapter 1 Part 2 Forecasting Disease, the Symptoms and the Remedy. SECTION 2 Principles. · Chapter 2 Mastering Purpose -- the Cassandra Paradox. · Chapter 3 Mastering Time -- Delay and Decision. · Chapter 4 Mastering Models: Mapping the Future. · Chapter 5 Mastering Measurement -- Learning to Love Error. · Chapter 6 Mastering Risks: How the Paranoid Survive. SECTION 3 'Praxis'. · Chapter 7 Mastering Process: The Mother of Good Fortune. · Theme #1 Recipe for success: tips and traps. · Theme #2 Coordination in a complex system: how different can we be? · Theme #3 Whose job is it anyway? Roles and responsibilities. SECTION 4 Transformation. · Chapter 8 Implementation: Beginnings and Endings. · Chapter 9 Beyond Forecasting: The Biggest Barrier. · Chapter 10 Beyond Budgeting: A New Management Model? · Chapter 11 Conclusion: Reconnection. GLOSSARY. Appendix 1 -- Design Principles: A Summary. Appendix 2 -- Important Concepts in Systems and Cybernetics. REFERENCES. INDEX.

Steve Morlidge has expensive experience of public speaking. In addition to a European book launch, and speaking engagements through the BBRT network. His contacts and clients in the software or consulting industry have invited him to give a series of talks supported by distribution of free copies of the book. Steve Player founder and managing director of TPG Consulting, has co-authored and edited six industry-leading cost and performance management books and served as a media resource for hundreds of articles. The firm has also led five global activity-based costing (ABC) studies in conjunction with the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC). Like Morlidge, he would be using Future Ready on his speaking circuit.