Gps Satellite Surveying, 3ed

Author : Alfred Leick
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Pages : 464
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Global Positioning Systems make use of orbiting satellites to make precise geodectic measurements. This rapidly growing technology has found widespread applications in the last ten years, including helping to revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of surveying measurements and calculations.

·    Preface.
·    Acknowledgements.
·    Abbreviations.
·    Notation.
·    Introduction.
·    Geodetic Reference Systems.
·    Satellite Systems.
·    Least-Squares Adjustments.
·    Pseudorange and Carrier Phase Observables.
·    Troposphere and Ionosphere.
·    Processing Pseudoranges and Carrier Phases.
·    Network Adjustments.
·    Two-Dimensional Geodetic Models.
·    Appendix A. General Background.
·    Appendix B. The Ellipsoid.
·    Appendix C. Conformal Mapping.
·    References.
·    Author Index.
·    Subject Index.

Primary: Surveyors; Civil Engineers; Transportation Engineers; Geologists; Geographers.

Secondary: Students in Surveying; Technicians involved with applications of GPS technology, including navigation, military applications, and transportation.

Alfred Leick is Professor of Spatial Information Science and Engineering at the University of Maine. During his career, he has served on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Geodetic Surveying and authored two previous editions of GPS Satellite Surveying (Wiley).