Groundwater Hydrology: Conceptual and Computational Models

Author : K.R. Rushton
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Pages : 432
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This book focuses on the study of groundwater flow problems as well as a thorough analysis of real practical field case studies in order to develop an understanding of the interaction between the inputs, outputs and internal flow processes. The book begins by quantifying the components and parameters of the conceptual models before considering the selection of appropriate mathematical models. The book covers a range of themes: theoretical basis of groundwater hydrology including recent developments; collection and interpretation of field data leading to the development of conceptual models, analytical solutions and introduces a wide variety of numerical techniques for groundwater investigations.


Basic Principles.
·    Background to Groundwater Flow.
·    Recharge due to Precipitation or Irrigation.
·    Interaction between Surface Water and Groundwater.

Radial Flow.
·    Radial Flow to Pumped Boreholes -- Fundamental Issues.
·    Large Diameter Wells.
·    Radial Flow where Vertical Components of Flow are Significant.
·    Practical Issues of Interpretation and Assessing Resources.

Regional Groundwater Flow.
·    Regional Groundwater Studies in which Transmissivity is Effectively Constant.
·    Regional Groundwater Flow in Multi-Aquifer Systems.
·    Regional Groundwater Flow with Hydraulic Conductivity Varying with Saturated Thickness.
·    Numerical Modelling Insights.
·    Appendix: Computer Program for Two-zone Model.

List of Symbols.

Practicing civil and agricultural engineers, consultants, hydro geologists, researchers in groundwater and irrigation, mathematical modellers, groundwater scientists, and water resource specialists.

Upper level undergraduates and MSc students in Departments of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Earth Science and Physical Geography