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Guitar for Dummies, 3ed, w/cd

Author : Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell
Price INR : ₹.399.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126541348
ISBN 10 : 8126541342
Pages : 408
Type : Paperbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books

Guitar for Dummies, 3ed, w/cd


From simple chords and melodies to exercises designed for players at all levels, Guitar for Dummies, 3ed, continues to provide the information and tips guitarists need to play this versatile instrument across multiple genres and styles--whether readers play acoustic or electric. With updated content, photos, sample songs and the latest advancements in guitars and guitar accessories, plus updated multimedia and video instruction of the basics and play-through for some of the complete pieces found in the book, students and hobbyists of all ages can benefit from the information presented in Guitar For Dummies, 3ed--the greatest value and resource available on the market.

Part I: So You Wanna Play Guitar

Chapter 1: Guitar Basics

Chapter 2: Tuning Your Guitar

Chapter 3: Getting Ready to Play


Part II: Starting to Play: The Basics 

Chapter 4: Getting Started by Strumming Chords

Chapter 5: Playing Melodies -- Without Reading Music!

Chapter 6: Adding Some Spice with 7th Chords


Part III: Beyond the Basics: Starting to Sound Cool 

Chapter 7: Playing in Position

Chapter 8: Doubling Up with Double-Stops

Chapter 9: Stretching Out: Barre Chords

Chapter 10: Special Articulation: Making the Guitar Talk


Part IV: A Pile of Styles 

Chapter 11: Let's Rock: Rock Guitar Basics

Chapter 12: Bluer than Blue: Blues Guitar Basics

Chapter 13: Around the Campfire: Folk Guitar Basics

Chapter 14: Maestro, If You Please: Classical Guitar Basics

Chapter 15: Sunglasses and Berets: Jazz Guitar Basics


Part V: A Guitar of Your Own 

Chapter 16: Shopping for a Guitar

Chapter 17: Guitar Amps, Effects, Cases, and Accessories

Chapter 18: Changing Your Strings

Chapter 19: Guitar Wellness: Basic Maintenance


Part VI: The Part of Tens 

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Guitarists You Should Know

Chapter 21: The Ten Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time


Part VII: Appendixes 

Appendix A: How to Read Music

Appendix B: 96 Common Chords

Appendix C: How to Use the DVD


Guitar for Dummies offers a highly interactive DVD component featuring video and audio clips. In addition, students and hobbyists can find updated content and photos, fresh practice lessons and the latest advancements in guitars and guitar accessories.

Mark Phillips is a guitarist, arranger, author and editor with more than 30 years in music publishing. He serves as Director of Music at Cherry Lane Music, where he has edited or arranged the songbooks of artists such as John Denver, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses and Metallica.


Jon Chappell is a multi-style guitarist, arranger and former editor-in-chief of Guitar magazine. Phillips and Chappell are the authors of the bestselling Guitar for Dummies, Guitar Exercises for Dummies, Classical Guitar for Dummies, Rock Guitar for Dummies and Blues Guitar for Dummies.