Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, 2ed

Author : John Dezuane
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ISBN 13 : 9788126539949
ISBN 10 : 8126539941
Pages : 592
Type : Paperbound
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Well-written and informative, in this second edition of Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, De Zuane builds on that legacy with the same practical and conceptual emphases, adding a wealth of new information that provides immediate access to the data and guidelines needed to. Preventing contamination of drinking water requires a multidisciplinary perspective, one that incorporates elements of bacteriology, chemistry, physics, engineering, public health, preventive medicine and control and evaluation management.

·    Data and guidelines from the World Health Organization and the European Community used to develop drinking water standards
·    U.S. drinking water standards--their physical, chemical, microbiological, and radionuclide parameters and monitoring requirements
·    EPA-approved analytical methods and the most effective treatment technologies for each contaminant
·    Critical concepts of water quality control as applied in water treatment in conventional or chemical treatment plants
·    Disinfection and fluoridation requirements
·    Common problems with water distribution systems, including dead ends, sediments, bacterial growth, insufficient pressure, and main breaks