Handbook of Optical Fibre Sensing Technology

Author : Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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ISBN 13 : 9788126545858
ISBN 10 : 8126545852
Pages : 828
Type : Hardbound
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This comprehensive handbook, written by a wide spectrum of leading international researchers, offers a clear understanding of the theory as well as focusing on the many practical applications throughout the industry.

Preliminary Overview
·    Introduction to Fibre Optic Sensing Technology
·    The Commercialization of Fibre Optic Sensors

Fundamentals of Photonics and Components for Sensing
·    Light and Wave guiding
·    Optical Waveguides and their Manufacture
·    Passive Bulk Optical Components for Sensing
·    Fibre and Integrated Optic Components for Sensing
·    Semiconductor Optical Sources for Sensing Technology
·    Photo detectors for Sensing
·    Optical Amplifiers
·    Superfluorescent Fibre Optic Sources

Principles and Techniques for Sensing
·    Transduction Techniques based on Intensity Modulation of Light
·    Interferometry and Polarimetry for Optical Sensing
·    Gas Spectroscopy Techniques for Optical Fibre Sensors
·    Distributed Optical-fibre Sensing
·    Principles of Laser Doppler Velocimetry
·    Fibre Gyroscope Principles
·    Fibre Grating Technology: Theory, Photosensitivity, Fabrication and Characterization
·    Fibre Bragg Grating Interrogation Techniques
·    Discrimination Techniques for Optical Sensors
·    Optical Reliability of Fibre Gratings
·    Passive Fibre Optic Sensor Networks
·    Active Fibre Optic Sensor Networks

·    Optical Fibre Gratings Applications
·    Laser Doppler Velocimetry Applications
·    Phototonic Sensing Technology in Civil Engineering Applications
·    Applications of Optical Fibre Sensors for the Nuclear Power Industry
·    Optical Fibre Current and Voltage Sensors for the Electric Power Industry
·    Fibre Optic Gyroscope for Industrial Applications
·    Optical Fibre Sensors for Fly-By-Light Aircraft
·    Optical Fibre Sensing of Electrical Discharges and Plasmas
·    Fibre Optic Sensors for Oilfield Services
·    Fibre Optic Biosensors
·    Biomedical Fibre Optic Sensors
·    Fibre Optic Sensors for Environmental Applications
·    The Optical Nose
·    A New Approach to optical Fibre Sensing Techniques based on the Sensory Systems of Living Bodies

This handbook would prove to be a valuable reference resource for researchers, engineers and postgraduate students in fibre optical sensing, as well as practicing engineers in optical communications and electronic engineering, civil engineering, aerospace industry, biomedicine and robotics.

José Miguel López-Higuera, University of Cantabria, Photonic Engineering Group, Cantabria, Spain