Helicopter Flight Dynamics, 2ed

Author : Gareth D. Padfield
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ISBN 13 : 9788126530120
ISBN 10 : 812653012X
Pages : 680
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Helicopter Flight Dynamics, 2ed


Flying qualities are now a primary attribute in the requirements for future civil and military rotorcraft to ensure that high performance is achievable with safety and efforts have therefore been made to establish robust criteria and mature the technologies for highly augmented flight control. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the flying qualities of civil and military rotorcraft, covering the theoretical background to the dynamics of helicopter flight, the development of handling criteria and new flight test techniques. The Second Edition has been updated and features a new chapter on degraded flying qualities and extended material providing a holistic approach to flying qualities engineering.

·    Introduction
·    Helicopter flight dynamics: an introductory tour
·    Modelling helicopter flight dynamics: building a simulation model
·    Modelling helicopter flight dynamics: trim and stability analysis
·    Modelling helicopter flight dynamics: stability under constraint and response analysis
·    Flying qualities: objective assessment and criteria development
·    Flying qualities: subjective assessment and other topics
·    Flying qualities: forms of degradation

Gareth Padfield CEng, PhD, FRAeS is Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Liverpool.