HTML 5 Foundations

Author : Matt West
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126540433
ISBN 10 : 8126540435
Pages : 384
Type : Paperbound



HTML5 Foundations will teach you how to turn plain words and images into stunningly beautiful websites using HTML5. HTML5 Foundations will give you the knowledge to move beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools. It will empower hobbyists, freelancers and entrepreneurs, to create fully customized websites that match their needs perfectly.

Part 1: Creating Web Pages with HTML

•    Chapter One: Getting Started with HTML5
•    Chapter Two: Structuring a Web Page
•    Chapter Three: Creating the Page Templates
•    Chapter Four: Creating the Web Pages

Part 2: Dealing with Data

•    Chapter Five: Working with Forms
•    Chapter Six: Enhancing Your Web Forms with HTML5
•    Chapter Seven: Validating Form Data Using HTML5
•    Chapter Eight: Using Micro data
•    Chapter Nine: Ensuring Accessibility

Part 3: Enhancing Web Pages with HTML5 and JavaScript

•    Chapter Ten: Introducing JavaScript
•    Chapter Eleven: Adding Video and Audio
•    Chapter Twelve: Storing Data

Part 4: Advanced HTML5 Technologies

•    Chapter Thirteen: Using Geolocation
•    Chapter Fourteen: Using Canvas to Create Online Ads

HTML5 Foundations is intended for web designers and developers who are eager to begin building HTML5 websites.

Matt West is the founder of Developer City where he builds HTML5 websites for firms around the world. Matt is a hybrid, dealing with both the design and development of the website projects he works on. Working on open source projects, Matt taught himself knows how to code and has since built everything from small business websites to advanced route optimizers.