HTML 5 for .NET Developers

Author : Jim Jackson Ii, Ian Gilman, Scott Hanselman
Price : Rs 549.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350046753
ISBN 10 : 935004675X
Pages : 416
Type : Paperbound



HTML5 for .NET Developers teaches you how to blend HTML5 with your current .NET tools and practices. You'll start with a quick overview of the new HTML5 features and the semantic markup model. Then, you'll systematically work through the JavaScript APIs as you learn to build single page web apps that look and work like desktop apps. Along the way, you'll get tips and learn techniques that will prepare you to build "metro-style" applications for Windows 8 and WP 8.

·    HTML5 and .NET
·    A markup primer: classic HTML, semantic HTML and CSS
·    Audio and video controls
·    Canvas
·    The History API: Changing the game for MVC sites
·    Geolocation and web mapping
·    Web workers and drag and drop
·    Web sockets
·    Local storage and state management
·    Offline web applications

HTML5 for .NET Developers is for developers and database administrators specially who work on .Net

Jim Jackson is a software consultant and project lead specializing in HTML5-driven media.

Ian Gilman is a professional developer passionate about open technologies and lively user interfaces.