Hybrid Cloud for Dummies

Author : Judith Hurwitz, Marcia Kaufman, Dr. Fern Halper, Daniel Kirsch
Price : Rs 449.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126542918
ISBN 10 : 8126542918
Pages : 364
Type : Paperbound



Hybrid Cloud for Dummies delivers practical guidance, steps and content on delivering and managing cloud computing services in an effective and efficient manner. IT managers and staff will find the book most useful in helping them understand the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, how to select a service and getting it up and running.  The book will also address security concerns.

•    Understanding Concepts and Construction
•    Examining Cloud Service Delivery Models
•    Evaluating the Business Value of the Hybrid Cloud
•    Creating a Unified Hybrid Environment
•    Operationalizing Hybrid Clouds
•    Getting Set for the Hybrid Cloud Journey
•    The Part of Tens

Judith Hurwitz is President / CEO of Hurwitz & Associates and specializes in emerging technologies.  

Marcia Kaufman is a founding partner of Hurwitz and Assoc. with 20 years experience in analytics, business strategy and industry research in business technology.

Dr. Fern Halper has over twenty years of experience in data analysis, business analysis, and strategy development.

All authors speak frequently at industry conferences and are consulted as experts for various magazine, online and newspaper articles.