Professional Git

Author : Brent Laster
Price : Rs 999.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126566433
ISBN 10 : 8126566434
Pages : 480
Type : Paperbound

Professional Git


Professional Git takes a professional approach to learning this massively popular software development tool, and provides an up-to-date guide for new users. More than just a development manual, this book helps you get into the Git mindset—extensive discussion of corollaries to traditional systems as well as considerations unique to Git help you draw upon existing skills while looking out—and planning for—the differences. Connected labs and exercises are interspersed at key points to reinforce important concepts and deepen your understanding and a focus on the practical goes beyond technical tutorials to help you integrate the Git model into your real-world workflow.



Part I: Understanding GIT Concepts

Chapter 1: What is GIT?  

Chapter 2: Key Concepts

Chapter 3: The GIT Promotion Model


Part II: Using GIT

Chapter 4: Configuration and Setup

Chapter 5: Getting Productive

Chapter 6: Tracking Changes

Chapter 7: Working with Changes Over Time and Using Tags

Chapter 8: Working with Local Branches

Chapter 9: Merging Content

Chapter 10: Supporting Files in GIT

Chapter 11: Doing More with GIT

Chapter 12: Understanding Remotes--Branches and Operations

Chapter 13: Understanding Remotes--Workflows for Changes

Chapter 14: Working with Trees And Modules in GIT

Chapter 15: Extending GIT Functionality with GIT Hooks




 Programmers and software developers - 10,000,000 or more of them using any programming language and tool with Git support


Brent Laster is a Senior Manager in Research & Development at SAS in Cary, NC and an international trainer and presenter on open-source technologies such as Git, Jenkins, Gerrit, Gradle and Docker. He develops and conducts practical, hands-on corporate and conference presentations at locations around the US and internationally and has been a presenter on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour series and a contributor to No Fluff Just Stuff magazine.