Inside Windows Debugging: Practical Debugging and Tracing Strategies, w/cd

Author : Tarik Soulami
Price : Rs 599.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350045923
ISBN 10 : 9350045923
Pages : 592
Type : Paperbound

Inside Windows Debugging: Practical Debugging and Tracing Strategies


Use Windows debuggers throughout the development cycle—and build better software, Rethink your use of Windows debugging and tracing tools—and learn how to make them a key part of test-driven software development. Led by a member of the Windows Fundamentals Team at Microsoft, you’ll apply expert debugging and tracing techniques—and sharpen your C++ and C# code analysis skills—through practical examples and common scenarios. Learn why experienced developers use debuggers in every step of the development process, and not just when bugs appear.

Part I A Bit of Background

Chapter 1 Software Development in Windows

Part II Deb ugging for Fun and Profit

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 3 How Windows Debuggers Work

Chapter 4 Postmortem Debugging

Chapter 5 Beyond the Basics

Chapter 6 Code Analysis Tools

Chapter 7 Expert Debugging Tricks

Chapter 8 Common Debugging Scenarios, Part 1

Chapter 9 Common Debugging Scenarios, Part 2

Chapter 10 Debugging System Internals

Part III Obser ving and Analyzing Software Behavior

Chapter 11 Introducing Xperf

Chapter 12 Inside ETW     

Chapter 13 Common Tracing Scenarios

Chapter 14 WinDbg User-Mode Debugging Quick Start

Chapter 15 WinDbg Kernel-Mode Debugging Quick Start


Tarik Soulami, a principal development lead on the Windows Fundamentals Team, has more than 10 years of experience designing and developing system-level software at Microsoft. Before joining the Windows team, Tarik spent several years on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) Team, where he helped shape early releases of the Microsoft® .NET framework.