Introducing .NET 4.5

Author : Alex Mackey, William Tulloch, Mahesh Krishnan
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9788132210733
ISBN 10 : 8132210735
Pages : 408
Type : Paperbound



Introducing .NET 4.5 is designed to provide you with just that roadmap. It serves as a no-nonsense primer that will help experienced .NET developers understand the impact of the new framework and the technologies that co-exist with it. This book will keep you updated on the changes and help you to seize new opportunities confidently and quickly.

·    Introduction to .NET 4.5
·    Visual Studio 2012 IDE
·    CLR and BCL
·    MEF
·    C# 4.5
·    ASP.NET 4.5
·    ASP.NET MVC 4
·    WCF and Web API
·    Data
·    Azure
·    Workflow
·    WPF
·    Silverlight 5
·    Windows 8 apps
·    Cache Manager
·    File Systems
·    Startup and Shutdown
·    Crash Dump Analysis

The book is aimed at existing .NET developers who will be trying to come to grips with .NET 4.5 and Windows 8

Alex Mackey is an experienced web consultant with over 12 years’ experience in web development. He wrote the predecessor to this book, introducing .NET 4.0: With Visual Studio 2010 (Apress) and is a Microsoft MVP

William Tulloch. is professionally involved in software development for over 19 years and is currently working as a senior consultant for Readify

Mahesh Krishnan is fortunate enough to be paid for what he loves doing most-creating software. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He currently works as a principal consultant at Readify, a company that specializes in consulting and training in Microsoft technologies.